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A present for Wobble Board fans!

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I'd like to purchase a core strengthening/balance aid. I've seen the Vue du (sp?), core board and BOSU devices mentioned in various threads. If you had to pick only one of these, which is most effective in your opinion.

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This is an extremely difficult decision! Take a look at this thread.

Lets try to do a breakdown.
The Vew Do is extreme balance. Many of the ski pros here use it. Its primarily actions are lateral, although I believe you can do some fore/ aft balance.

The Wobble Board, as shown in this thread, has fore/aft lateral and rotary actions. Some exercise physiologists think that the Wobble is more Ski psecific, the Vew Do more snowboard, but either can be used.

The Core Board has all these factors, and can be adjusted for various levels of stability. It has another feature that the others do not..recoil. You can do a fast rotary action with your hips, and it will come back to center. Great for obliques. But if your primary purpose is ski conditioning, we don't use this movement. The core board is also expensive.

Bosu: This is an awesome product. A bit less expensive than core board. If you ski moguls, this is the one to get. You can do all sorts of plyometric stuff. Turn it upside down {BUT NOT WITHOUT A SPOTTER!!} and try squats. Very scary, but safer than trying to stand on a stability ball, which is only for psychopaths!
If you are an advanced skier looking for a versatile product, this is the on to get.

If you are on a budget, check out the Dyna Discs.
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Thanks for the link. Good stuff for wobblers...
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Glad you like it! Its hard to find actual pictures of exercises, so this was a find!
Especially with balance type exercise, you need to keep progressing, to keep it worthwhile.
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