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Anyone else get Stix? The articles are so short, I've basically thought of it as fluff, but I keep reading it. In the latest issue I found some interesting stuff...


John Ward (Adams Golf) says their surveys show that few people would buy a non-conforming driver even if it gave them 20 extra yards and that's the limit of what physics would get them. Yet in an article on maximising drives, they say that the average golfer (out of a test of 150 golfers) is 23 yards short of optimum because they launch the ball too low, with too much backspin and don't hit the center of the clubface. The solution - visit a clubfitter and take a lesson. What I found scary was they even came up with a formula:

Missing distance = 2.5 to 2.7 Clubhead speed. The faster your club head speed the more distance you can gain from fixing these problems. My first thought was "Hey, wouldn't golfers with faster clubhead speeds be better golfers and therefore have better fitting clubs and be closer to center contact?" But my second thought was "Duh, that's just physics. Just because you swing faster does not mean you swing better.".