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An Hour A day?

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Heard that "they" are now saying that we need a full hour of exercise a day. I did not hear the entire report. Are they saying 60 min of aerobic exercise? If so I would think that most fall far short of that. I consider myself reasonably fit. Run typically 4 days per week but only 3 miles. I am slow but not that slow. Weekends are different I almost always get in a few hours a day of play. Overall I MAYBE close but still....?
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I heard the news bit as well. As I understand the report, they are recommending an hour a day if you are only engaging in mild exercise (such as walking). If you are exercising more vigorously, there is a reduced recommendation.
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Its one of those confusing things. If someone has a weight problem, and is not willing to make substantial changes in diet, the only way that aerobic exercise will show any significant, lasting weight loss is 60 to 80 minutes a day.

Of course, for many, that is biomechanically dangerous to do all at once, so 2 or 3 sessions of low impact exercise is necessary.
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I've been lurking here for awhile now that ki season is on the horizon. I'm really impressed by the discussions here, I'm a kinesiolgy major so I'm familar with a lot of the science but I enjoy hearing from people with so much more practical knowledge then me. With this I just wanted to add my two cents to this thread, my exercise prof last semester recommended that you burn at least 1500 Calories a week to see major health benefits. I believe this number comes from the surgeon general.
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A kinesiology major from Boulder! AWESOME!! Welcome! Stick around.
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