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leg/ knee massage

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"Massage A Away a Scar":

Last week when I was @ the surgeon he mentioned some adhesions of tissue @ scar.  No remedy suggested.  Monday I asked @ PT and again no advice.   I found this on line and tried it twice and it might be helping.  Some people mention massage - what do you do or do you go to someone?  My leg is still a bite tender and it is hard to consider full body massage.

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My OT did that after I broke both wrists. The idea is to break up the cellular structure a bit or something. As far as I know you just do deep rubbing and stretching, but I wasn't doing it.
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The first time I ran into this a massage therapist asked if I wanted her to work on a small but noticeable divot in my upper back from the not-very-skillful removal of a questionable mole. I can't reach the scar myself, but she essentially moved things around enough in one session to make it less prominent, probably because it was in a fleshy part of my back. I also used it on a scar from surgery to remove a ganglion cyst on my wrist, and it's now barely visible unless I've got a deep tan.

I'm surprised your PT doesn't know anything about it; maybe your surgeon can recommend someone more knowledgeable. Meanwhile you can fool around with it yourself, because it's not complicated: you just want to stretch and loosen the scar tissue so it doesn't distort the tissue around it, which simply means moving it around until the area softens up. Use some lotion and work on it for 10-15 minutes once or twice a day. It'll probably feel weird at first, but take your time and you'll see progress.
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PT for my tibia plateau surgery in 2011 spent a fair amount of time on the scar and the tibia/fibula joint at the knee. Her partner now working on my Achilles repair focuses on that scar for a good part of the manipulations.
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