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Brahma Size

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Im 16,5'10 and weight roughly 175-180 have been skiing for around 13 years. I wouldn't consider myself an expert but I am an advanced skier. I just got the blizzard Brahmas in a size 173 and they seem slightly big. Should I have gotten the 166 or should these be fine. I feel like I usually ski with shorter skis.
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Hi Frankie, 

I see you posted a question about this purchase a few weeks ago and didn't get much of a reply.  

For your size, 173 should be okay, but that depends on what you want to get out of the ski.  This length will be stable at speed for you, while dropping down to a 166 may make it a little more nimble to turn in tight spots.  


I think, in the long run you'll be happier with the 173. 


What did you work out for your boots? 

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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post


For your size, 173 should be okay, 

I've never skied the Brahma but I do ski the Bushwacker(I think it's a Brahma w/o metal in it). 


I'm 5'8" 150 upper inter/adv and the 173 is the perfect length for me. I think at the height/weight the 173 would be perfect too. Heck, you could probably go UP a size if you wanted but like I said, I've never skied the Brahma...

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