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Hey Lisa, stretching

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I saw over in Technique that you recommend to stretch after skiing.

Does the same hold true for running and biking? Most of the time, I stretch in the morning, then exercise later in the day.

But if the train of thought is to stretch after exercise, not before it, I'd like to hear why.

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Hi SCSA, check out this thread:

Stretching is a tricky issue. I mentioned in the Agility thread a video clip that was shown at the SPEED AGILITY QUICKNESS working given by the conditioning coaches of the Vancouver Cannucks. They showed one hockey team perform pre game slow static stretches. The other team performed dynamic flexibility exercises, which involved movement sequences designed to increase range of motion without dramatically altering muscle length.

The static stretch team had slow reaction times, and seemed to be more prone to injury than the team that warmed up dynamically.

There are, of course, exceptions to the rule. If a mucle group is so tight that it inhibits the movements of others, then some pre activity satic stretch may be called for. A prime example of this is the hip flexors. If they are tight, they restrict the actions of the gluteus, which can mess up your performance.

A stretching technique that is gaining some popularity is PNF, or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Precipitation.
To do a "cliff notes explanation, PNF involves the concept of reciprocal inhibition. One when muscle group contracts, the opposite group relaxes.

For more info and a good online stretch library, check out this site:

Also, in the Mo'stability thread, check out the links on myofascial release.
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Many thanks, Lisa.
You da best.
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Good stuff, Lisamarie. How'd you like to do an evening presentation in Utah about this sort of stuff--the latest news in sports performance-physiology-training-fitness-nutrition-injury prevention-whatever? I think it would be great!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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ABSOLUTELY!! Let people pick out the topics that interest them most, and I'll put something together.

For stretch, we will need to find someplace where people can lie down.

For talks,just a place where we can sit.
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Just found this interesting study:


Kokkonen, J & Nelson, A. G. (1996). Acute stretching exercises
maximal strength performance. Medicine and Science in Sports and
28(5), Supplement abstract 1130.

Volunteers were tested for leg strength 10 min after 20 min static,
20 min
ballistic, and no stretching on separate days. Both forms of
decreased subsequent strength performance in each group of and the
total Ss.
This decrease may be related to the Golgi tendon organ stimuli
the action of spinal cord neurons of the muscle groups involved in
the heavy

This suggests that prolonged or intense stretching should not precede
strength efforts.

Notice the emphasis on the word ACUTE! This does not mean that you don't stretch, you just don't do intense stretching prior to any activity requiring a significant amount of strength.
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