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New to Forum [advice for Chile in June, intermediate at Hunter]

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Hello All,

I am new to the forum. I usually get out about 4-5 times a year. I've been skiing on an off for about 10-15 years. I decided recently to purchase my first pair of skis after renting for a long time. I was tired of getting skis not adjusted correct and waiting on lines to rent. The pro shop at the end of the season had a 40% off sale so I got a pair of Soloman xt 850 enduros in 177. I am 6'1 220. I've only skieed in the Northeast. I am going to Santiago, Chile in the June for Copa America. The house I am renting comes with a driver if we would like so we are going to get him to drive us to the resort for the day to ski. I am going with 2 people that never skieed and one intermediate. I am at the intermediate level I would say. I can ski Hunter west and steeps but haven't tried moguls. My question is what resort do you think is best in Chile for my group? The person renting the house says La Parva is more the Chile feel. How much does LAN charge to travel with skis? Should I take my new skis? Should I just take my boots and rent skis? My skis are considered all mountain. Thank you all in advance for your feedback

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Hola Dennis :)!


You might start by looking at this site about Chilean resorts. Valle Nevado and Portillo are the two most well known resorts. Portillo is a bit far for a day trip from Santiago. La Parva has a good rep. I don't know anything about El Colorado. Valle Nevado is the largest of the local resorts and is probably your safest bet if you want to rent skis.


The LAN policy for baggage is here. It looks like skis count as one checked bag. If you go excess, the charge is $100.


There are probably a few others who can give you better advice. I've only been to Portillo on one trip. Have fun!

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June will still be early season. Might be better to wait to see who has the best snow at that point.
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If that is really the baggage policy makes sense to just rent skis and just take my boots. I have to go to the shop with the other people in my group anyway to rent as they don't own skis. I know it might not be an ideal time as it is early in the seasons. I am going for Copa America. I really want to see what Chile skiing is about even though I know might not be ideal conditions.

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Overall, I'd say it's definitely not worth it to take your skis to South America for just one day of skiing (unless you are doing something like telemarking, which you can't rent there).


There are a bunch of ski rental places in Santiago along Av. Condes and Costanera Norte -- you will probably pass them all as you head up the canyon. They are modern and pretty efficient and at least the one in the mall offers shuttles to the ski area if your driver does not want to head up.


Portillo is nice but surprisingly small, especially if you are not into super steep skiing. It's also a serious haul for a day trip.


The places above town are all linked and offer a decent amount of skiing. If you go to just one, from what you are describing your experience as I'd do Valle Nevado. I liked La Parva the least, mostly because it felt kinda crowded and rushed.


If you end up heading further afield, I'd recommend going south to Chillan.

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That is what I figured. Valle Nevado is the most known ski center. Also I think I am just going to take my boots. Buying my first set made me realize how much easier it is on your feet when you own your own boots. You can ski longer because it is more comfortable. Thank you for the advice.

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