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Fitter1 Post Rehab & Prevention

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I had taken a copy of these exercises at the Fitter 1 booth at the Toronto convention. As luck would have, they are actually online .

Check them out!


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Would that work with old ACL injuries or people Rehabing from a new one? Can it help rebuild stregth to the injuried knee? and help stregthen one that has been weakend from years of taking up for the lack of one leg?

Have a ton more Questions but will let you get these answerd first.
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It would help with an old injury, provided you had not been doing much strength training. The exercises themselves are pretty mellow, designed for people who have completed physical therapy, and are trying to become fit enough not to re-injure.

But if someone has been doing a considerable amount of strength training, the exercises may not be challenging enough for sufficient strength gains. The exception is the adductor exercise. most people donot do enough strength training for those muscles. This puts both themedial knee, as well as the lower back in danger of injury.
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