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I'm looking for advice on what gear to get as a first time buyer. I telemark about 5 to 7 weeks a year in the swiss alps and am 6ft1 70kg. I would say I'm a fairly advanced telemark skier but hoping to improve. I love off piste and spend all the time I can in the powder and am getting into touring but I still spend a lot of time on piste. The ski I am looking for is basically the one ski quiver... A tall order. I want something that can float and work very well in off piste but also hold an edge on icy stuff and carve at speed also not too cumbersome in bumps and tight spots.
I have been looking at Blizzard bonafide and Volkl mantra and also had black crow camox and Rossignol soul 7 recommended. Can anyone comment on these or offer any other suggestions? Furthermore what size should I get?

I also need bindings and boots. I am very keen to get some NTN bindings, in particular the M-equipment bindings however I have heard there were a few problems with the binding but they may have been resolved has anyone had any experience with them? If not what other bindings would you advise getting?

Also regarding boots, I have been using scarpa T1s and they have been very good but I will obviously need to change for the different bindings any suggestions for similar boots? TX pros seem like the obvious choice?

Thanks very much for the help.