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Where should I mount bindings when I use two separate sets of boots (307mm & 316mm)

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I have a new pair of MX88s (178 cm) without bindings.  My target DIN setting is 6 to 6.5, and I hope to go binding shopping soon.


I have two separate sets of ski boots:  a soft flex with a 316mm sole, and a stiff flex with a 307mm sole.


On my older skis, the bindings were mounted for my 316mm sole boots, and later I acquired the 307mm sole boots - and I can just slide the heel piece forwards to accommodate the shorter boot.


Sooo... for new bindings for my new skis, should I ask the tech to mount them:


  • For my 316 mm sole boot and then I would slide it forward for the 307
  • For my 307 mm sole boot and then I would slide the heel backward for the 316
  • Ask the tech to split the difference: say, give him the 316 mm boot and ask the midpoint of the boot to be mounted 4mm to the rear of the recommended mounting point
  • Something else?
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Just curious, but why two boots? Will you use the skis differently with one boot vs the other?
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The 316mm boots are about 5 years old and have 150 days or more on them.  I bought new boots (307s) that are fairly stiff,  but I find the boots bother the healed fracture site just below the cuff.  I may just be in the break-in phase.



The softer flex boot seems to be a bit more comfortable for me in moguls - where admitedly I'm still learning propert technique.

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Sorry for all the questions... What is your smaller boot? How many days do you have in them? I guess I'm asking because skiing two boots for alpine makes it really tough to get things dialed in and variables under control.

My advice would be to plan on skiing your small boot* , and mount so that you can move the heel back to accommodate the larger boot that hopefully you'll be retiring soon.

*while getting its issues sorted out with your fitter/coach.
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The older boot (quite comfortable but lining is packed) is a Dalbello Krypton Rampage 316mm sole.


The new boot is a Dalbello Il Moro T ID (Intuition Liner) in 307mm sole.


Both boots are customized with custom canting -- 10 years ago I had a bad skiing accident, breaking my right tibia twice (once below the cuff, once closer to the knee) and fibula twice once just above the cuff, once just below the upper tibia fracture.   I now have a titanium rod running through the center of my right tibia, and this has substantially changed the geometry of my stance, hence the need for substantial custom canting.  


I'm even thinking of getting a new liner for the older boot.

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Consider getting rental bindings, which are adjustable. 

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Demo binding as suggested.
Tyrolia Railflex bindings ( I've used my 1 pair of bindings on multiple skis for quiet a few years now)
Inserts for the heel pieces so you can move them back and forth.
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Or the tyrolia attack 13 demo binding.
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The maker griffon demo is also excellent.

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Nah normal bindings are just fine ;) I use normal Rossignol race service bindings on their race plate and have race boots used for skiing, which are 311mm and work boots which are 328mm and on top of that AT boots, which are not suppose to fit into race binding :) Few spins to move heel piece back and work boots fit there. Yes position is not optimal, as middle of work boot is behind right position, but it's few mm only. So only thing you need to decide, for which boot you want to mount skis to be optimal. For me, decision is easy. When I go skiing, I go skiing with race boots (311mm), so skis are mounted for those boots. Work boots are basically just to slide down the course, so sub optimal position is just ok for me. For you, you will need to decide which is your primary boot, and then mount skis for this boot. Otherwise every binding can handle 9mm difference... some of them (normally lower end bindings) even without readjusting.

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These boots are different sizes correct?  The standard is 10-11mm in BSL per size, so it appears you have a 26.5(new boot) and 27.5(old boot).  Correct?

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Either demo bindings or you have to decide.  If you prefer a slightly forward mount, mount the toe so that your big boot is centered on the line, and you will be half the difference in boot sole length on the small boots.  That's what I would do.  On the other hand if you mount the toe so that the small boot is on the line, the big boot will place you behind the line.  Some people like that; there's no accounting for taste. 

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The Kastle binding K12 is very easily adjustable and should accommodate both BSLs. It is a cosmetic makeover of someone else's bindings (had been Marker, then Tyrolia, I think, I don't know who makes them now).

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Seems like a bad idea to put up with the slop and weight of a demo binding to deal with 4.5 mm difference in boot center (when you move the heel 9mm you move the boot center 4.5mm). If you're determined to use both boots I like your idea of splitting the difference. Then you're talking about one boot being 2.25mm forward and the other 2.25 mm back. Don't think you'll be able to tell. Although sometimes those 1/4mm can make a big difference.;)

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