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Bindings for Volkl Kendo

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I'm looking at getting a pair of Volkl Kendo skis.  I don't know much about buying bindings.  I know you have to get the right brake width and DIN range, but that's about it.  Any recommendations or advice on how to choose?

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As long as you dont pick a binding with Touring capabilities (you would need to choose sizes of binding.), thats pretty much it (after you need to choose the mount position, but you can always ask the guy to use the default mount position). So I would say for you thats pretty much it


Maybe 3 recommendations:

1) If you dont need to go beyond DIN12, stay with a binding with max DIN12, to not add to unnecessary weigth

2) Volkl all mountains usually come with Marker Royal family bindings (Squire, Griffon, Jester), since the companies are related. Most kendos I see are with a Squire or Griffon

3) Its possible to buy some demo bindings that will adjust to a large variety of boot sole lengths. Some people like because you can borrow or sell your skis easier, some people dont because the bindings are a little taller and there can be some play developing between the rail (that is installed in the ski) and the binding (that glides into these rails)


Special features in alpine bindings that are not exactly for your case, but just a "good to know"

- Touring bindings have sizes (usually two)

- Some new bindings are compatible with other type of soles, in addition  to the traditional alpine sole

- Some bindings allow to adjust on the fly the mount position (actually I know only one, the famous Marker Schizos)

- Race bindings are mounted in a (race) plate that stiffens the ski and increases the height of the ski boot


Have fun

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Rossi FKS 12 or 14/Look Pivot 12 or 14, Tyrolia Attack 13, Marker Griffin, Salomon/Atomic WTR 13.

(Friends don't let friends put Squires on their Kendo's.)
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Thanks.  I should be able to find some good deals this time of year

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I had Salomon Z12Ti on my old Kendo's that was a very light weight set up. My new Kendo's have the Knee Binding. I like the thought that they will protect my ACL's.


Check out http://www.epicski.com/ski-essentials they are having a 20% off sale now. Great place to buy from.

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Check out the below link for Salomon STH 12 bindings being sold in Epic Gear Sales forum. Seller has sold a ton of gear on epic. I bought the same bindings last year for a 100 mm waist ski, and, find them very easy to get "in and out" of on the mountain. Most will tell you that there is not a lot of difference in how bindings perform, so, easy of entry/exit gets points in my selection thinking. 





buy the best color match and you are set to go.

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