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Kjus FRX Pro Shell/Jacket. Euro XL, USA Large, BRAND NEW WITH TAGS. BEAUTIFUL!!!

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This is without question the nicest shell/jacket that I've ever seen in 50+ years of skiing. My wife and I have owned a lot of clothing. I tend to wear more technical gear, and I've never owned a Kjus garment. I was in Beaver Creek for the WC's, and I saw this shell in the Kjus store window. My adult daughter had the same reaction….that it looked tremendous, and kind of non-Kjus. 


I tried it on, and looked it over. The fabrics beautiful, a proprietary stretch material they call # layer White Dragon. I did a lot of research on the jacket, some in Europe. Incredible breathability, wind resistant, waterproof, durable, and a wonderful stretch to it. Soft to the hand, yet burly. Very quiet. 


So, at a price of $899, I thought, "That's absolutely insane". My wife was wearing Kjus jacket that she has had for 16 years, since the brand was first started, and a pair of Kjus pants that are almost as old and look new, and that she swears are her most comfortable. I figured out that If I could find it at about 15% off retail, over 10 years, this thing might cost me between $1 and $2 a day to wear. I keep top quality clothing for a long time. 


Here's my problem. I did talk a retailer down in price to 20% off the $899. I was pretty pleased as I was talking about the last one in the two tone blue color combination, in this size in the country. So far so good, right?


Kjus sizes their clothing with "Euro" sizes, and I had forgotten that fact. The jacket that I tried on in Beaver Creek was a labeled in the store as an XL. I'm about a size 46", and like room to layer a lot, based on the cold temps of the home hill. In fact if was a Kjus XXL, size 56cm in a Euro cut.


What a bought was a Kjus XL. a Large in USA terms. 54cm Fits a size 44", or probably a 42"-44" chest. It's just too small for me, based on my preference for fit.


I would suggest checking this out on the Kjus website:




You'll see details, a size chart, etc.


I'm including a picture of the jacket for the web. I can add some more pictures next week. 


I have tried to find this jacket in this color combination ALL over the country in a 56, XXL. They I've searched in Europe. It's their most popular garment in years, and this is the most popular color combination. Go figure. It pains me to sell this, and I'm taking a big hit after tax, and shipping. Hopefully somebody here will really appreciate it.


Like I said, I wear a lot of Patagonia, Arcteryx, OR, etc. This blows anything else that I've ever seen out of the water.


$600, $575 shipped, price reduced.


PM me with questions, please. 


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Its a beautiful shell, but didn't  see one of these on Ebay for $50 bucks?

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That's true. You did not see one of those on Ebay for $50. I did see one for $853. You might find one on Craig's list for $50 although I think the logo says "Juice" in Chinese characters.

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Salmon, on a more serious note, I've tried to find a Size 56, in this color combination with Kjus's help, and there are none in the world. NONE. There are no more 54's in this color available. This is absolutely genuine, authentic, and the real-deal. 


Evidently a lot of people thought they were worth all of $899, as they have sold out the entire run. As mentioned, this is the nicest piece of ski clothing that I've ever seen in many decades of being pretty "heavily involved" in the sport. 


I'm stuck with it as the retailer that I bought it form agreed to cut the price, but told me that it was a final sale. He would not take it back. I get it. My mistake. My loss. 


Phenomenal shell. I hope somebody can use it. I'd prefer not to go the Ebay route. As some people know, I've sold an awful lot of high end gear on ES, with a lot of very happy customers. I just complete blew the Euro size issue, and it's going to be my loss, and somebody else's score. 


Not the first time that I've made a sizing mistake!


Thanks for any and all interest.


And, no….I don't think you'll see one for $50.  

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I think I'm going to list on EBay {I really have to at this price}, but I'll sell at the $600 $ 575 price, shipped to anybody on ES. If anybody'd nervous about authenticity, or needs references on ES, please PM. I've sold a TON of genuine, authentic gear to other Bears. This is the real-deal, and the deal to the buyer is a result of my own stupid mistake re: the sizing.


I'll post some more pictures in the AM. Having a hard time getting the color right with a flash. 


Thanks! MS

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Epic Price just reduced……..$575, shipped. 


I have it listed on EBay at $599. I'm taking a beating on this, and really don't want to have it in my closet, where my wife can remind me of the "error of my ways!"


Doesn't change the fact that in all of my years, and all of my experience with the best stuff made, this is the best shell that I have ever seen. Period. 


Thanks, all!

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Still available!

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