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Binding Recommendation for Fischer Motive 95

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Just picked up a pair of Fischer Motive 95's in 186 (wish you had the 186 in stock dawgcatching, would have bought from you!), and I am now looking for a good binding to go with it.


I will say that I am a bit taken back on all the binding options out there...been looking at the Look Pivots, the Tyrolia AAAtacks, and some of the Markers, but I honestly can't make a full decision between any of them as they all seem to be excellent choices based on feedback here.


About me - 6'1'', 205 pounds, ski pretty much the whole mountain relatively hard.  Last binding for me was the Fischer RSX Z12 that was powerrailed (or whatever that system is) on a set of Fischer Motive 88's.  Only ever had a pre-release once or twice, usually when I got caught up in some real deep powder making turns with a DIN of 9.


I'm not really concerned about cost, but more concerned about function and feel.  I was initially thinking the Pivot 14's or FKS 14's, as they seem to be really well received, but I don't know much more to go from there.



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The answer is always look/rossi
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I'm considering getting a pair of Salomon/Atomic Trackers for use on a couple of pair of skis ( BF inserts).
All the reviews say they are rock solid on the downhill and you have the added advantage of freeing the heel for some touring. The 2015 models are MNC which makes them even more versatile.
Stack height is only 26mm which isn't too far off a flat alpine binding.
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I had similar doubts/questions as to what binding to use on Motive 95tI (thanks Dawgcatching, and congratulations - it seems like every pair of this ski in NA  is sold by you).


I was leaning towards STH2 13, but I am glad I settled with Tyrolia/Head PRD 12. Yes, it does add weight/height, but also adds fore-aft adjustability, which seems that this particular ski needs to be a really solid "one ski quiver".

It suits me well on 8.5.  Another reason I stayed with PRD 12 is that it is familiar and trusted, known vs. unknown prevailed. why change it if it's working?

And IMO, so called "adjustable bindings while lose on initial performance some, gain in resale value.  

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I have the Motive 95s in a 180 with Tryolia AAAttack 13 demo bindings.  if you think about resale, or buying new boots, the AAAtack 13 demos are adjustable for almost any size boot and they feel great.  just saying ....

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I've used the older version of thE PRD ( RAilflex) for years and reckon theyr'e great. As well as being adjustable for and aft, I like to remove the bindings for travelling. 1 pair of bindings for multiple skis. I still have RF rails on 3 pair of skis but I pretty much ski exclusively on wider skis now and the RF brakes only go as wide as 115.
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The STH2 13 has a 28mm BSL adjustment range, which seems like more than enough for me. One downside of the FKS/Pivot is that they only have a 7mm BSL adjustment range, IIRC. However, I have the FKS140 on my powder skis and I love them. At the same DIN setting they are much easier to click into than my Griffons, and I've never had an issue with pre-release.

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Thank you everyone for the replies so far - I don't know that I'll look at demo bindings really, simply because I just bought boots this year that I'm in love with and I don't really intend on selling my skis either (ususally try to ski them till they die...).


Can someone speak to the Pivot/FKS a little more for me?  The one thing I don't quite understand is the whole "elastic travel" that it so often touted.  Does that mean your boot will literally be able to shift on the binding in any direction and it will still retain the connection?  Wouldn't that generally be a bad thing to be not as 'attached' to the ski for normal usage?

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Elastic travel refers to the ability of the binding to "return to center" after an impact, bringing the boot back into the binding, it doesn't mean your boot is allowed to move freely within the binding. This 'feature' is great for absorbing short duration forces acting on the boot in the binding, or the ski on the foot, whichever way you would like to look at it. The end result is excellent retention during aggressive skiing. The ski is less likely to come off when skiing due to quick shocks (like hitting a mogul hard)... this sounds great, but there is an obvious downside/ flip side to this. If the ski does not release due to the shock of initial impact then it is relying on twisting forces to separate the boot from the ski... more chance of soft tissue damage. There is no free lunch, when you add retention you increase the possibility of twisting injuries.

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