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Pilates with a pole and some interesting moves

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By Bill Husted
Denver Post Columnist

Sunday, June 30, 2002 - Call it Pilates with a pole.
Think of it as strip poker with carbs instead of cards.

Yes, chubs, you'll soon be able to take it off, take it all off, in the newest fitness craze sweeping the nation: Strip Aerobics. A workout that teaches you how to shed clothes and calories, Strip Aerobics will bump and grind its way into our fair city Aug. 5, at 9 a.m. at Shotgun Willie's. Cocktails will not be served before, during or after the workout.

One-hour sessions, open to men and women, will cost $20.

"I went to one of these classes at Crunch Gym in Miami," says promoter Zane Bresloff. "It was filled with all the South Beach models. It was incredible. It's as good as Billy Banks' Tae-Bo and more fun than spinning."

Especially for the guys in the back.

Strip Aerobics has received a lot of press, especially where they do it, in towns like Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami. I've seen it on television and it's quite, errr, ummm, compelling. (Though you have to pray that the people Sweatin' to the Oldies with Richard Simmons never get turned on to this idea.)

At Crunch in L.A., evening classes involve a lot of wiggling, gyrating, undulating and touching oneself, followed by lap dancing.

(Heck, I just lost 2 pounds writing this column!)

Bresloff says people usually don't get naked. Some throw off their tops and get down to bikinis and thongs. And hey, that's OK. Others stay in their sweats. People in class encourage each other by saying things like "You're so hot!"

The gang in Miami was about 80 percent female, Bresloff says. At Shotgun's, the instructor is female, and she's both a professional stripper and a Bally's instructor.

If it's a hit, which Bresloff has no doubt it will be, Strip Aerobics will be available every morning. But why Shotgun Willie's? Why not a gym, like Crunch?

"I would have to exclude nonmembers at a club," says Bresloff. "And Shotgun's will add a lot of atmosphere."
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Not to be totally humorless, but there is no relationship between what they are describing and Pilates! Just shows you how dumb the media can be! What's really scary about all this is the fact that Crunch is now owned by Bally's! YIKES!

As far as stupid fitness trends go, well, there will always be something around that will serve as an attempt to motivate the chronic couch potatos! And there will always be fitness instructors who would rather focus on entertainment value, rather than get a serious education!

IMHO, this is up there with "kicknox" aerobics and yoga, 2 useless fitness trends that will hopefully become passe!
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I have never laughed so hard....

I would love to see a Mad TV version of this... I had some bad idea's. :
(remember the gal that wanted to be an over-the-weight-Jazer-whatever instructor)

On a serious note, I am with LM.
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speaking of Bally's, a few yrs ago I cheaked it out and some Steroid King meets me at the door, takes me to an office and starts describing the most expensive rip off plan in the world. just as I'm about to tell him to find another sucker in walks a drop dead gorgous blonde who sits accross form me and gives me a good view of what 5 lrg can get you. Now i'm thinkin' 3 things: 1. WOW!!!! 2. Heck at these prices she could at least be topless : 3. Do guys really fall for this obvious setup??? anyway, after a few minutes I thanked the king and Bambi for their time and skidaddled...
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There are many, many, many reasons not to join Bally's!
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OK, just a comment here, but there have been a lot of threads recently where someone has been very helpful, and posted a picture related to the topic. Every day I have checked out this thread, and so far, every day no one has posted one.
Come on ryan, you must have an appropriate photo taken from a web site somewhere...

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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
There are many, many, many reasons not to join Bally's!
I went into Bally's last Tuesday to use my "Free 3-Week" membership. I left 1.5 hours later with a 3 year to pay off lifetime membership with 12 personal trainer visits. WTF? I felt like the biggest moron in the world. So, I mailed it back in Friday for the cancelation. So, I'm looking for a new gym.

-Alta "Saw-Me-Coming" Skier
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