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POC MIPS in 2016

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Ah, what the world needs is another helmet thread. :D Here's POC's NA spokesperson, on when they will introduce MIPS racing helmets (presumably a Orbix Comp version): 


"Everyday POC strives to innovate and make our products better to protect our users from injury in the sports they choose to participate in. With strenuous innovation comes tough production. We are in year 1 of the HI MIPS and we have decided to delay the production until it’s 100% perfect. In order to make the product as good as it possibly can be, we have decided to delay this product launch until the Fall of 2015. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience, but we have made this hard decision based on the premise that it will make the product and the brand stronger in the long run, which will ultimately increases the safety of the users."


Setting aside the boilerplate, I take this to mean that yes, POC racing helmets will have MIPS for next season, although what "fall" and "launch" mean are vague. I also take this to mean - since they originally promised this a year ago, and have been using MIPS in several other helmets for a year now - that they've had some hiccups getting it into shape for FIS certification. Interesting. And for those here who race, perhaps useful. 


OK, carry on with the normal onslaught about why helmets are all hot, useless, ugly, and give us bad hair anyway… ;)


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The thing i hate about Poc is lack of goggle retention. It's just ridiculous to have to slide a plastic clip on the back that barely works. It's 100% stupid. No, they've truly gone beyond into giving 110% stupidity.

If you never take your goggles off it doesn't matter too much. I take them off all the time. Not to mention with kids it's a disaster. Not just Poc with kids, most are terrible.
Hold the damn goggles on. It ain't that difficult.
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In regards to the MIPS helmet, my understanding is that the MIPS race helmet has some other system that detects when the helmet has been compromised by an impact. Not sure if it is electronic or some kind of physical thing or what, but my understanding is that this system is what is causing the hold-up, not the MIPS.


WRT - goggle retention, it is odd that they don't have a better system, but somehow both of my kids do fine with it even without the plastic clip.

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I use Smith I/O goggles with my POC, which happen to have a silicone bead on the strap to hold them in place. It works well.

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Yes the silicone works well. It's still ridiculous to have a helmet without goggle retention. What if you put them up on the brim when you're on the lift and they fall off?
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Originally Posted by Tog View Post

What if you put them up on the brim when you're on the lift and they fall off?


You will have learned a valuable lesson. :D

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Yes! Never to buy a Poc until they can manage to design some user function along with their Stanley Kubrick style. Stanley would not have let his designer leave it out.

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Interesting point about the stress detection system. Sounds about right; MIPS itself is not rocker science. 

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