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Seasonal sport transition conditioning?

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I am at a loss for clear choice of workouts over the next week.  FYI, I am 51.  I am advanced skier.  I like the steep and long fast carving turns.  Over the last few weeks, due to warm weather I transitioned to more cycling before I had originally planned to.  Prior to that, my only ski conditioning workouts were weight/power lifting 1x/week and core/agility/plyometric 1x/week.  The rest of the week was cycling/mtb 2-3x/week and swimming for recovery.  I dropped the weight lifting to get out on the bike.  I may not have dropped the weights if I didn't dislike my gym so much.  I kept the core/plyometric workout.  I have only been able to ski once this year.


Some unexpected opportunities just developed yesterday.  I am skiing this Sunday at Mt Bachelor.  The following weekend I will be skiing at Snowbird and Alta.  Due to travel and work in SLC, I will not be able to workout next W,H,F other than some light stuff at the hotel.  I will be doing a 4 hr bike ride this Saturday.  


So all that to ask the question if there would be any advantage to doing my weight/power workout tomorrow (Friday) or next Tuesday?  Skiing Sunday will replace the plyometric workout.  If I don't lift, I will just stick to cycling.  I would mtb on Tuesday.  My mtbing is an hour and half of brutally anaerobic single speed.  It usually wrecks my legs for the next day.


It is OK to say I am over complicating the whole thing.  Just do what you feel like that day.


The bottom line is that am looking for any small way to maximize the fun factor on my Utah trip.



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Stop thinking so much and ski more.

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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

Stop thinking so much and ski more.

Agreed.  I answered my own question anyway.  It helped to write it out.  The limiting factor won't be my leg strength it will be the higher elevation.  The mtb ride is the better choice and much more rewarding.


"Ski more" is the best.  Difficult to do with Mt B (3 hours away) and the 2 closer very small resorts not open this year.  I had already resolved at the beginning of the season if I can't ski more, I can bike more.  Good to have a back up plan.  I still have 3 days paid for Mt B and 2 Warren Miller 2for1.  I grew up on the Wasatch front so the 6 hrs driving for the mediocre terrain at Mt B dampens my enthusiasm.  My skiing passion is based on the hope that something magical happens and I find myself skiing the Rockies just like next week.

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Best of luck!

I bike a lot more than I ski as well. Just got back from my second ride of the day.
Keeps me as sane as possible!
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