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Alta/Snowbird ski choice

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High probability my co-worker and I will be out next week for business.  Planning to ski Sat/Sun (Snowbird/Alta).  I have 2 skis, K2 Aftershocks and G3 Reverends.  I have only skied on the G3s half day.  The K2s are great stable Oregon crud busters but heavy.  The G3s are lighter, wider (98 mm) and a little more flex but still good carving edge.  I enjoy skiing steep but also letting them run between long carving turns.  I am leaning towards the G3s if everything is soft and no significant re-freeze over night.  Based on past experience, I am assuming the spring snow there is still lighter and softer than Oregon.  Probably the only thing that would sway me to the K2s would be the how hard the morning conditions are.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  I am being a little anal on the front end in order to maximize the fun factor.  Thanks.

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Why not bring both pairs since you haven't gotten much time on the G3s?.  It's time to give them a test and if conditions change you will have more bases covered. 

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