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Junior Skis for Adult

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Hey all!


I was curious if anyone had opinions/recommendations on junior twin tip skis for a very petite, adult, female skier.  I'm just over 5'0" and a lightweight (95 lbs.), low advanced skier. Currently I own a pair of Fischer RC4 Jr. GS skis in a 150 (took a race clinic for adults this yr.) and Volkl Kenjas in a 149.  I'm looking to replace the Kenjas, because as I've improved I've realized I can't really work/flex them like I can the jr. race skis.  I'm hoping to replace them with some jr. twin tips.  I had the opportunity to rent the K2 Bad Seeds (2013) when we were out west recently, and I really enjoyed them.  Would maybe want something a tad softer than the Bad Seeds, though.  


I've been looking at:


Line Future Spin Shorty

Armada Coda

Volkl Gotama Jr.

Volkl Step/Pyra Jr.


But I'm open to other suggestions too.

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If they ski they way you want them to go for it!  I see no problem with someone under 110 pounds and not skiing at super high speeds to avoid a Jr model if they find one that works well for them.  I've often wondered if some women's models are simply a junior model with a different top sheet.

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My SO has been skiing Volkl Shiro Jrs (100 mm waist). as her powder ski for the last several seasons. This is not the waist size it sounds like you're after but  she has found they serve her very well. She is 5'2" and 110# and an expert skier older skier and skis a 153cm length.

Most junior skis do use a lighter construction so a strong skier can "wear" them out with much skiing.

Your choices look good depending on what conditions you want the ski for. Also Line Sick day shorty and Line Sir Francis Bacon shorty.

Kenjas were a bad choice; hard to bend!! (as you know, now.) For her mixed conditions skis(88mm,) my SO skis 152cm Black Pearls and loves them. Also likes the Fischer Koa.

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My SO is same size as OP, 5" / 95 lb, advanced (level 8 IMO) and she skies Jr race skis SL144 and GS158.

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Thanks for the info, TrickySr.


I was looking at narrower skis because I live in eastern PA and primarily ski on the east coast (PA, NY, VT).  Only make it out west every couple years at best,  I end up skiing a lot of groomers, not really by choice, but because it's what we have the most of here in eastern PA.  I have been getting into trees and bumps the last few years, though, and really enjoy them.  Just don't always have the opportunity (especially for trees) unless I head north or conditions are really good here and we're actually at a place with trees (Jack Frost, Blue, Montage).

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