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Looking for input on kids skis 7 year old

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I am looking at buying skis for my daughter who will be 7 next season. She plans on doing racing 3 nights per week but also likes spending time in the terrain park doing jumps and rails. I am thinking I will go with a race ski for when she is training with her coaches and buy a second ski for the park and on days where we actually get snow.

In comparison on the park skis looking at evo.com I have several options. I can go with a rocker flat rocker ski or a rocker camber rocker ski. It looks like my options on the core material are a composite material, wood or foam. Common sense tells me foam Isnt as good. What would you recommend for a park ski?

Just browsing I see the k2 missy and volkl pyra seem to fit. Any thoughts on core material and rocker vs camber?
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Different schools of thought, some like having 2 skis....others like to keep young kids in one ski for better consistency.  


My view is that if you get your child a real race ski (with real deal race construction minus the metal) the quality of the ski is head and shoulders above what you'd be able to find as a free-ski type ski. (which for the most part are cheaper foam core with more attention paid to the topsheet graphics than quality of construction.....some exceptions of course but you pay for those ones).  So quite a drastic switch between how they will ski....which is tough to transition back and forth for a lot of younger kids.  From observation I find the younger kids that switch back and forth struggle a bit more than those that only have the one pair.  A few are fine, but those tend to be the top kids who already have significant progress in their fundamentals (e.g. pole plant, get on edges, can properly flex/arc their ski, have some angulation, etc)  Cost is also a factor as kids also grow and you'll be forking out some bucks to keep replacing 2 pairs of quality skis.


Personally I've kept my daughter in the single ski.  Granted it's a multievent ski (Fischer RC4 Superior) and she does wonderfully with in the the bumps/trees/steeps and even hits the S to L kickers in the park with them.  She's 7 as well.  Based on what she's able to do with them, it certainly is not detrimental.  (Her ski tuner...me..... just has to do a bit more work to keep her edges sharp and base in good shape).  Lots of top racers at her age also follow this philosophy.  


If she were in a true metal SL ski, my thoughts would differ.....but even though she's big and a strong skier.....we're still a couple years away from her needing such a beefy ski.


As for park, my daughter is only allowed to do boxes and kickers.....no rails allowed as it would really mess up her edges.  

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forgot to add, most people I know (myself included) that like to hit jumps in the park prefer a ski with camber as it helps you pop off the jumps better.  For rails, not sure if it matters.  I don't hit rails myself as I don't like messing up my edges.

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@hbear thanks for the good input. That makes total sense to me. I will probably go that direction keep her in one ski and let her play on jumps as much as she wants. It seems like race skis are a little tough to find at typical ski stores. I am assuming look online and just do some research to make sure seller is good and ski is a good quality?

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Not sure what your access looks like in OH, but normally there should be a couple ski shops affiliated with the race club where you can find proper race equipment.  Usually a racer discount in effect as well.  Usually more than going online, but should be offset by the service and direct expertise they give you.  (this varies depending on what you have available)...might be some good end of year deals right now too.


The race club coaches (I'd normally speak to the head coach or the age group head coach) and they can recommend what they like to see for equipment.  If you are looking used, other club parents and the ski swap is a fantastic resource.  For myself, given a lot of "race" skis that the kids have at the 5-7 year old range are not much more than typical junior skis with "race" graphics, I ended up just buying our gear new to ensure I got what I wanted for my daughter.  


I find choices to be greater online (obviously) but need to do more research on what exactly you are looking for.  


Here are some shops with online presence I've found to be great.  Give them a call directly as I find their staff very helpful and very knowledgeable.  

https://raceskis.ski-depot.com/ (where I've normally ordered from)


http://www.the-raceplace.com/Alpine-Race-Skis-s/6314.htm (never used but heard good things)

ASOGear on Ebay. (based in Ontario Canada) but has a great stock of new stock of last year or older models for great prices.


Depending on your daughter's height and weight (or what it might be mid next season), this might be a good option and available in 120cm.



Also in case this you did not already know, a helmet with hard ears is a must for the racers; be prepared to spend some coin here as there is a massive price premium over comparable "soft ear" helmets for kids.  This is also where you'll need to go into the right ski shops to get a proper fit (as they are all slightly different in how they are sized....some variants in the same brand across different models as well). Should get racer discount on this.  Most commonly you'll see kids wearing the POC helmets.  They are spendy but one of the few (if not only) that offers multiple impact protection for a kids racing helmet.  Most important is that the helmet fits properly.


Hope that helps.


On another note, if racing is something you think your daughter is going to gravitate to, be prepared to buy a bunch of tuning tools and learn how to use them.  Often SWIX or TOKO will have a wax/tune clinic for the race clubs where you can learn a bit, but most importantly get some great pricing on their tools/wax because you attended the workshop.  

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For a 7-yo, don't over-think it. If she is racing, get her a dual-event pair. Pretty much any brand would work. They hold a bit better edge than your normal jr skis that size and they are still soft enough to control. If you/she want a second pair, go for an entry level twin tips or all mountain. Unless she is super strong AND big in size (AND skis really really hard) any skis more than what I just stated would be an overkill or too much skis IMHO.

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