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Core board or Bosu?

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The Reebok Core Board looks interesting as a combined balance board and core training device. Has anyone had any experience with it? Are there more uses for a Bosu than something such as the Core Board?

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I teach many classes on the core board. If you do a search, there's a topic on it. The core board can be adjusted for stability, which makes it great for working with big groups. At its most stable setting, you can do some pretty serious weight training in conjunction with balance. the springs on the board are reactive, so you can fool around with some rotary stuff. Its hard to say which is better. the bosu is more ski specific and more challenging, but the core board is a super workout.
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Thanks for your response! I looked through the Bosu site, and there didn't seem to be anything about ski-specific excercises. How can I find the challenging, ski-specific drills??
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They are probably being a bit capitalistic, and want you to buy the book or video. The one tha they taught at the conference involved a lateral jump on one bosu. I've seen people jump from bosu to bosu. You can also do one legged squats, with one foot on the bosu, and one on the ground. Keep in mind, that once you stand up on that thing, just to do a simple jump would require the fore/aft balance needed for skiing.

For core board, check out this from Reebok's site:

You can see clips from the different videos of the various exercises.
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If you could only choose one for home use, would it be core-board or Bosu?
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Tough choice, but I'd have to go with Bosu, especially since its actually used by the US Ski Team. The soft surface makes it a little more ski specific. Even though they both cost a lot, the $129 for the Bosu includes the video, pump and manual.

Let me know what you decide!
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