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Bosu, The Ski Teams Balance Toy

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Just came out of a Bosu Workshop at a DC area fitness conference. This is absolute killer. Bosu stands for "both sides up". The possibilities are endless. Put a bunch of them together to simulate mogul training. if you tend to be in the backseat, you find out right away. Ab work is super challenging, even for me!
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
[QB This is absolute killer. Bosu stands for "both sides up".[/QB]
Looks like FAR too much work for me LM. That's why I like skiing. The less I work the better it is. I'm a minimalist.
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I had a chance to work with this at a coaches clinic a few years ago. WOnderful toy!!! We had some kids from Burke show us what they could do. Great balance work.

If it were cheaper, I would buy one.
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jeez, over a 100 bucks for that! I think ill make my own version and sell it for 50.
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WAY too expensive is right! But if you already belong to a gym, have them get some of those instead of more video screens for the cardio area.

One thing that the presenter said really hit a note. He was talking about developing agility, which can be defined as the ability to change direction without the loss of speed, balance or alignment. When Bode Miller catches an edge and recovers, this is agility, and we regard it as an elite athletic skill.

But equally impressive is the 70 year old walking across the icy ski village in their ski boots, and is able to find their balance after almost slipping on ice. This should be a goal for our students in the future.

Another interesting thing. We had to do a jump while on top of the Bosu, without losing alignment. I recall doing such things on the flats in my early ski classes. If we could'nt do the jump, we were probably in the back seat.

Every season, many gyms embark on pre ski conditioning programs, some of them geared towards never ever. The problem is, some of the people teaching these programs have never skied a day in their lives. So the participants end up doing stsic wall sits and leg extensions, which may improve skiing endurance, but do nothing for the neurological learning involved in ski technique. Incorporating something like Bosu would be far more effective.

Nettie, your reply brought a smile to my face. One of my biggest problems in learning to ski is that my workouts are actually far more strenuous than an average ski day. As a result, I often end up working much harder than I need to on the slopes!
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I've got the Disk and I love it. Really great for balance stuff.

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The disc is a great alternative, at a much lower cost. Not as versatile as the Bosu, but still a lot of stuff you can do. I stand on one for all my free weight and cable training exercises. There's a new one out, thats shaped like the pedals of a stairmaster or elliptical. One for each foot, with a valve in the middle. If you put alot of air into it, its a strength oriented rehab exercise, if you keep it squishy, its more for balance.

That being said, SCSA would probably go bonkers on a Bosu board! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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It's really amazing, what you can get done with just a ball and a disk.

Sheesh! Who needs the gym? Well, I do. I can't do the home workout thing. I can do my stretches, but that's about it. Any more than that, I need to go to the gym.
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