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Stellar Heliskiing-Spring in the Selkirks

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Our original trip to Stellar Heliskiing in February had been postponed due to this winters unseasonably warm weather, so you can understand our concerns when the temps around Kaslo, British Columbia, which is the base of operations for Stellar was in the 50-55 degrees range for our trip last week.

When we arrived in Kaslo it felt like full on spring time as we looked out over Kootenay Lake.

                       The view from our Kaslo Hotel room looking out over Kootenay Lake and the Purcells in the back


The Flat Liners. A few former Swedish World Cup ski racers and friends who definitely like to have a good time! If you run into these Swedes have them treat you to one of their "Special" FLATLINE Shots! You'll definitely remember it!!!


Stellar Heliskiing-Owner/Operator Jason Remple joined us and a group of Swedes who called themselves the Flatliners at the Kaslo Hotel to lay down the 411 on what conditions were like high up in the Selkirks where we would be flying the next day. Jay let us know it would be a mixed bag of conditions from boot top pow to corn and a few others mixed in as well. After the beta we had to celebrate with a ride on the Shotz Ski.


                                             No better way to get a party started than the Shotz Ski!


                                        Legendary Guide Jason Remple at home in his Selkirk office


It's pretty easy to get your Stoke up when your surrounded by the Purcells and Selkirk Mountain ranges under blue bird skies. We did the mandatory transceiver and heli safety briefing, Soon after we were flying in the A-Star in search of the goods.



Our first drop was just over a steep section that funneled down to a nice bowl with a few features we thought would work well for shooting video.


                                       You want Steeps, Stellar has Steeps! Dash Kamp getting after it


                                 Nothing better than that weightless felling to get the day started


After getting a few turns under our belt it was time for the next hop over to another drainage that Jason thought might be holding a little better snow.


BAM! we hit this one right on as we we found some nice boot top pow that was in the sun. It doesn't get much better than Bluebird skies and pow-pow!

                                                       Bob Legasa working that soft stuff


                                              Dash Coming out of the White Room


                                                         Jason putting on a great show


After a few runs in this drainage we bumped around and explored a big open bowl that we had to work our way into. Oh, how I love exploring. This run started off with a steep pitch that mellowed out to about a 1000 vert decent through the open bowl. We experienced just about every condition in this bowl, but it was still damn fun!


                                                   Desi working the ridge into the Big Bowl


                                         Talk about wide open, Desi Charging the slope hard


Temps up in the high country have been rising throughout the day and conditions were starting to vary in certain aspects. Jason kept us in the shade in the afternoon which made for decent skiing but not the best filming, Oh well.

                                                 Videographer Tim Sorenson working every bit of the light


Before you knew it we were near the end of the day but we still had one more run we had to do, Mt Brennan which is one of the taller peaks in this zone. We landed the bird at the top of the peak, Desi did her traditional "Naked on Top" photo shoot but this time she had another participant, Snowboarder Dash Kamp who was all in for the experience.


                                                                          It's all about Tradition!


After the two got bundled up we made our decent back down to the waiting A-Star about 3000 vertical feet below our start. After this winter's drought and unseasonably warm temps we sure found out we can't control the weather so when life serves you lemons, make Lemonade, we sure did and it was fantastic!


                                                                   Jason playing in his playground


You can bet we'll be back to visit Jason with Stellar Heliskiing again! 


Here's the video recap of the day.


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Very nice, you found Snow in BC ! Tr's are great..not sure ordinary mortals can make those turns though..does the snow melt when the customary traditional homage is paid sans clothing by your fellow riders :D

It does look steep, very steep. Nice video..

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Pretty sure that I'm in the boat in the first pic.


Had some plans to ski something big in the Purcells (up the clute drainage), but once I got the boat across the lake I realized i left my keys back in Kelowna and couldn't get into the shed to get the toys out. Fail. Went Kayaking instead. Redemption this weekend. 

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Des is looking down, isn't she? Tsk, tsk....

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GoldMember-Des was looking down for the water, apparently Dash said "He just got out of the pool"

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Surfacehoar-was that you on the Ferry in the Black lifted Ford F350 with the boat on back? Hopefully it doesn't warm up to much on Friday as this weekend could be damn good out there.

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This was yesterday day at Stellar- 25cms over night! Check out the video


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Wow, all the snow missing in the PNW is landing up wherever Stellar is showing up ! Lucky find, good find, very mellow

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That wasn't me on the ferry. I come the other way.  


The redfish snow plot jumped up 48cm with that last system - back over 3meters!. Hopefully meadow skipping in pow this weekend. 

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