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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
Some other thoughts for Nettie: There is a Feldenkrais exercise, that has your good side teach your bad side how to do a skill. This is also discussed in the Centered Skier by Denise McCluggage. You can put this to work on the wobble board. Do a one legged balance, starting on your good side. Note to yourself what makes the move a 'good' one on that side. Then try it on the not so good side.
Thanks Lisa, I'll let you know when I can balance on any single foot!
I can let go of the wall and balance on two feet for about 5 seconds sometimes now. I am having to get something to protect the floor as I have left marks in Bro's carpet and wooden kitchen floor.

hurriedly moving the mat.
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Originally posted by altaskier1234:
I really liked these when I was doing PT and would love to have one at home. Has anyone tried to make one? (I'm broke after my recent purchase of new skis and have a hard time spending $70 for a piece of wood with half a rubber ball attached anyway) What would you use for the half a ball underneath?
Hey! Look what I found!
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