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Best time to ski Revelstoke

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I can either stay late December to early January or early March.

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I would recommend early March. This year was terrible for resort skiing -- I was just there in late February, but typically March is a great time to go. The entire Pacific Northwest and British Columbia is really struggling this season. Heck, even Alaska had a bad year. However, despite the fact that the resort conditions were terrible at Revelstoke the heli-skiing was incredible. I went with Selkirk and we found plenty of soft snow and enjoyed see-forever views--typically the helicopters can't fly as high as we were because it's generally socked in, cloudy and snowing. It was a real treat to ski in the high alpine and experience bluebird conditions. So here's my advice...if the conditions aren't blower, book several days in a heli.

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Thanks for all the help.

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