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Just got my first round of the year in today and I'm depressed because the forecast calls for 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow. I definitely need more work to get back in the swing of things before I go shop for a new driver. I did get some leads on nearby shops that have the TP and decent fitting services. 

Powerbilt also does Louisville Sluggers. Not related to golf, but not a slouch in the bat department as far as I know. They've been making golf clubs for almost 100 years! Evidently they were a premium brand back in the days of persimmon clubs.

Stranger - 
When I switched from rack irons to custom built irons I quickly went from a 18 handicap to a 12 and got 2 clubs longer. There are a few things about getting custom clubs. First is you are going to get the right lofts so there are no gaps between your wedges and your irons and your irons and your hybrids. Second, you only get the clubs you need vs getting an extra club or two on the wedge/hybrid end. Next you get the right lie angles and club lengths for your swing/body size. Finally, you get the shafts "pured". I thought that was a bunch of bunk until I got my clubs. My fitter had asked me if I had a favorite club in my old set. I didn't really, but I had 2 clubs that I swung more reliably than the others. He said "all of your new clubs are going to be your favorite club". He was right. You won't believe the difference until you swing the clubs. It's an incredibly subtle feeling, but it makes a huge difference. I'll never buy irons out of a box again. At the least, get a fitting done!

Did you really say you're depressed because it's going to snow? Now I'm not sure I want to help. Oh hell, I'll try and get past that.

Clubs are comprised of two major components, heads and shafts. Because major manufacturers make big scratch from selling new generations of heads but don't find the same potential in shafts guess which gets marketed? Because price and margin are important to manufacturers and shafts get so little focus, OEM shafts are typically cheap, crappy and in the case of irons inconsistent through the set. Driver shafts even in major products often represent around 1-2% of total cost.

However, shafts are typically more critical to performance than heads, particularly with respect to drivers. They are not only the principal engine, your natural rythym and loading favor some but not all. And once you find the right shafts you generally don't need to keep replacing them, you can swap out heads and keep shafts when you feel the need. That goes back to lack of emphasis on shaft sales, they have much less revenue potential partly because of this. With heads you can change colors, weights, screws, visible model numbers etc. David Feherty can yuck it up and sell drivers with shit shafts but he can't really charm shaft sales. Actually he probably could if someone were to pay him to but they probably won't.

So if you really want better performance and a swing that requires fewer compensations due to equipment, put some time and money into fitting and acquiring custom shafts. They will cost a lot more than OEM shafts bit there's a reason and they're a better performance investment than new heads. They might even be consistent through the set, unlike your OEM-s. Puring is only part. Anyways, It seems you get this as to irons but with drivers the shaft is even more critical.

The trick is to find a club fitter who's the real deal. It isn't easy, the field is rife with charlatans. Golf meccas and San Diego (concentration of shaft manufacturers and weather) usually have them. Pros in the industry generally know who they are. In any event you won't find them at Dicks.
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Yeah, 2-4 inches. Not enough to make me want trek to the hill, but enough to close the course for a day and a half. I got there at 4 yesterday and got 18 in ... and dropped 10 shots off the first round of the year. 3 birdies on aerated greens baby!


You may not find any pros at Dick's any more, but I did find one sweet golf simulator. The club fitter I used had a net set up in his garage. It worked, but ...  Nice perspective on the shafts Lorenzo but I somehow had the impression most shafts were made overseas. I need to do a side trip on my next trip to SD (after I say hello to Torrey). It's interesting now with the adjustable clubs that the shafts have to be integrated (sorta like ski/binding combos now), so you get less choice. Maybe that's another reason why more tour pros are going with the Aeroburner vs the R15?


Stranger - what did you get out of your fitting? (e.g. lie angle, loft, shafts, head selection)

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Originally Posted by TheRusty View Post



Stranger - what did you get out of your fitting? (e.g. lie angle, loft, shafts, head selection)

Head selection, shaft and shaft length. A comment the fitter made I found interesting, ' didn't honestly know if I had adapted the swing to the club over time, or just just got really lucky selecting the old clubs'. (sounds a lot like ski gear, adjust to the gear.)


He suggested that I at least hit some graphite shafts. Did, still don't like the feel in irons.


He fit me to a club head with less offset, and a lot more current features of course of head design.


Set me up with a +1/2" shaft length which effected my lie angle and club head speed.


In the end the head design closest to my old irons are what left the store with me.


Took them out for a real test drive yesterday. Hit some balls at the range trying to adapt to length (blowing and raining like crazy); then played 18 at Bandon Crossing, the OSGA course not the big dogs in the region. Played to a 13 over in decent weather. Most misses were long or short I am happy to say, not left and right.


With proper regular training these irons are going to work just fine. 

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When I got my custom fit irons. the fitter made me promise not to whine about the distance. My previous irons (Cobra) were long because the loft was a club up. Sure enough, my new custom clubs were a club short compared to my old irons. But it made sense, if my Cobra 7 iron was really a 6 iron loft it made sense that my new 6 iron would only go as far as my old 7. Funny though, a month later my new 8 iron was going as far as my old 7 ( a 2 club increase in distance!). Custom clubs were worth every penny. It's sort of like helicopter skiing. If you have the money, it's well worth every penny.

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Stranger, you have to spend the summer at Brandon Dunes-sort of like being marooned in Cottonwood Canyon during a great winter.   Going to Oregon in a few weeks and 1) going to pick up new skis from Dawgcatching in Sunriver play some golf and then go to Eugene and stop a Fiddler Green Golf shop and try some new drivers at their driving range.  They will adjust the new fangled drivers for me and get it set right.  I always take my old clubs with me and see if I really hit the ball any further or better with the new   club.  That practice has saved me a lot of $ over the years.  snow at Silver today maybe this weekend.  l visted Brandon dunes a few years ago but haven't played.  Have a good time.

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Update - I'm sucha moron. I went to the golf shop where I bought my last driver because he was a Taylormade dealer. Turns out he quit them last year. I demo'd the ping G30 instead and bought one trading in my old Ping V2 Rapture (cold turkey in my future!). The launch monitor numbers were inconsistent. My swing speeds are all over the map from 90-105 mph. My spin rates were all over the map high and low, right and left. My basic conclusion is that it is amazing I can play golf with any driver. So why did I buy? I trusted the guy's reading of the launch data as he watched and tweaked various club head and shaft combinations. He also gave me a couple of swing tips. And I liked the feel of the new club. And he gave me almost double the value of my old club ($50) for trade in. And his son works at my golf club. Update - I'm sucha moron! I've given up on being able to demo the R15 anytime soon.


For the record, I got the regular spin head (vs the low spin), the tour shaft in stiff and the 1/2 inch longer length. Turbulator schmurbulator!

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:) Took my new baby out for a test drive today. As forgiving as the club is supposed to be, I can still work it right and left if I try. But overall it is much straighter and  (pardon the cliche) 10 yards longer. It was odd to hit drives without any swing thoughts and have the ball go straight.


FYI - GolfWRX looks at 7 of the top 2015 drivers

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-2F wind chill tomorrow morning..when's the Masters?!?!

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A week from Monday. 19 degree wind chill here tomorrow. I'm still going to golf (after the frost delay). Pimento sandwich anyone?

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It snowed while I was golfing today (if a 5 minute flurry of barely perceptible flakes counts), but the grass is finally starting to green up anyway. What was interesting was how well the G30 behaved in 20 mph winds with cold/heavy air. I did not see a lot of extra carry on tail winds, but I did see extra penetration on head winds and reduced deflection by cross winds. It will be interesting to see how well the club performs when the temps warm up enough to let the ball fly normally and I don't have a restricted swing from excess layers of clothing.

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Every Sunday after church we go to the local course's restaurant for breakfast.  There was still about 50% snow coverage on the course.  My guess is by the end of next week it'll be gone.  Lots of work left to do to get the course ready to open, still.  Kinda funny, the pro was there and was talking about his trip to Gore last week.  :rolleyes


Drove by the gas station the other day and saw a sign out front for fresh bait, too.  Not warm enough for me to want to fish.

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Took the new irons out for a 2nd spin at a fairly challanging course out here. Shot an 82, which is better than I ever did with the old irons, so think we will get along just fine.


There really are some challenging water hazards around here though.................


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With all the talk about global warming and rising sea levels, I thought that was going to be a picture of a green.


My home course has gone from gray to green in the last 3 days. Yesterday I had 3 birdies in a row and 4 in the round. Today it was almost warm enough for the irons to be going full distance. Did I tell you that my new Ping G30 works great in the wind! I love my new driver! Today was day 11 in a row.

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I finally did get to demo the R15 at a demo day. The guy quickly had be hitting an Aeroburner instead. Part of it was my fault. I recently developed a swing flaw that was killing my performance even with my new G30. I started to get the feel back yesterday. Still, I'm now confident I made the right choice.

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Hmm - I see the Nike Vapor Flex driver is talking about moving the center of mass closer to the face and now the Titleist 915 D4 MOTO is too. Sensing a trend yet?

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Update: I was a 10.5 handicap when I bought my G30. My index is now 5.0 (trend =4.5). It could be the driver or it could be playing every day. But I played every day last summer and the lowest my index ever got was 6.9. I still struggle with "losing" my driver swing for a while so I can't say the new driver has magically made me a better golfer. But my good hits do get better results, I'm getting more chances to reach par 5s in 2 and I estimate that these things have contributed 2 strokes to my 5.5 stroke improvement this year.


Meanwhile, Taylormade has come out with the M1. This driver has a lateral weight slider to effect draw/fade bias and a fore/aft slider to effect the location of the CG/amount of spin. Some might say they are just desperate because Ping has taken over their spot as the #1 selling driver, but I'm still convinced they are onto something even though my fitter told me I played better with traditional vs low spin driver heads.

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