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aerials training

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I posted this message in the "instruction" section also. I wasn't sure where I would get the best response.

I would like to become more proficient in the terrain parks this season. I want to include trampoline exercise sessions in my training and conditioning program. Does anyone know of any good resources (books/videos) that would help me get started on the trampoline? I am also looking for instructional resources that display the freeskiing jibs. There are some good online resources but they are a little inconsistant. I am hoping to find a well organized progression to follow. I know this is a little anal for the freeskiing genre. I don't know anyone else my age that enjoys this style of skiing. I haven't found any skiing partners in my area yet that could help me push my limits.
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Can you hang on a bit? I have a bunch of things on file, but I need to re-read to find which resources are best.

One important thing. In addition to trampoline training, I strongly suggest plyometrics. It has to do with this little thing called ground reaction forces. More on that latter. But basically, when you land on solid ground, its a much harder surface than a trampoline, so your muscles, joints and bones need to get used to that. There are a bunch of threads on plyometrics in this forum.
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Thanks. I just created another post that addressed my other training areas. I work with Jim Radcliffe. He just recently published his second edition book on plyometrics as well as a video.
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I just went through all my resources, and everything is oriented towards wakeboarding. One thing that is consistant is the need for a spotter. It would be a royal drag to get hurt in your conditioning activity! As I mentioned in the other thread, a gymnastics class would be great! Also, and please don't take this the wrong way, many of the Powder guys are into freestyle. I believe that some of them do some trampoline training, you may want to ask over there. I will keep an eye out for anything that comes up.
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