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Stockli AT and XL

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Stockli AT and XL. Anybody skied these? How do they compare in skiing characteristics to the Spirit Free?

[ February 06, 2004, 04:31 PM: Message edited by: oboe ]
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I dont have an answer to your question, but what has sparked your interest in Stockli? You have been a long time fan of rossignol, and mixed in some K2, and Head recently as far as i know. I would agree that the Stocklis are a much superior ski than anything that i mentioned above. I'm just curious as to what turned your head toward Stockli.
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The XLs are great skies in powder and carve reasonably well in soft snow. So far, I don't like them on ice/hardpack, but that may be due to me not being used to skies so wide and stiff. I think I have 5 days on them.
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I'm sorry, it's actually just the AT and the Free that interest me. I think that the XL would be just too much for me.

How did I get interested in Stockli? I went to the Gold medal Demo Center near my home hill looking for something new to demo. The youngblood behind the counter insisted that the best I could try would be the Stockli Spirit Free in a 160 cm length (it's actually longer than my Rossi 160). Doubting him - but curious nevertheless - I took them out. I skied and instructed Level 4 on it for a day, and was mightily impressed - not intially, but after I acclimated to them. Just for comparison, toward the end of the day, I took a run on my 170 cm Rossi Bandit X's - and they felt too light and insubstantial in comparison, not enough edge hold, too much skid, not enough stability and comfort.

I liked the Free better than ANY of the skis I own - better than the Rossi T-Power, Bandit X and XX, better than the Head Monster iM 70 Super Railflex. I know that they're well made and sturdy. If I could believe that they'd be even ALMOST as good as the XX or iM 70 in natural snow, I'd buy them and sell all the others.

The Free made great short turns, long turns, did it at slow speed, high speed, held an edge like a scalpel - only skidding was not as good as the others. Edge to edge, I myself am not that fast on any skis, so these worked out ok.

Now I want to know about the AT because it appears to be a more versatile ski - but I'm concerned about its short turn capability. How does it ski differently from the Free?
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Well, I'm being dissuaded at this point on the fatter Stocklis.
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Badrat ,

try a solomon poweraxe sl race plate on the stormrider XL . I have a pair in a 184cm and first had them mounted with the PE2 system . I had been adviced to try the Slalom plate but did not want to spend the extra money but I am sure glad I swithed . I love the Xls now . I have found them great on the groomed runs , crud and anywhere I can ski .
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Thanks RC and DR.

The XLs did great in Utah powder this last weekend, but were feeling pretty sketch just about everywhere else. I am convinced that it's not just me. In light of your comments, I looked the skis over pretty carefully and agree that a full tune as well as a new base grind will benefit them.

Interesting comment on the powerax, I have those on my Head skis. If the Stocklis turn out really well with the tune, I may transfer the powerax's to the Xls.
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