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Question for those who use helmet speakers

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I hope this is the right forum.  If not, my apologies to all. 


For those who use helmet speakers mounted inside the ear pads  (assuming you are listening to music at a reasonable level) are you able to hear what is going on around you on the hill or carry on conversations with your fellow skiers?


Concerns -- Skiing with ear buds usually leaves one unable to hear other skiers or boarders approaching.  Ear buds type-units also make it difficult to communicate with anyone without constantly turning on and off the music or program.


Some Mfgs have put out small helmet-mounted speakers in the past 2-4 years.  In theory these would allow one to remain aware of the local environment.  However, the units have been plagued with technical problems.

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I use helmet speakers. I listen at moderate volume and can carry on conversations on chairlifts and hear if someone is yelling to me on the slopes. I love skiing to music but one must be smart about it so as not to become a hazard.

Ski On!

Rick G
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I guess it depends on what you consider a reasonable level. If I can comfortably have a conversation on the lift with music playing it is set low enough that wind noise will eventually drown out the music when I get up to speed. Honestly, the level has to be pretty high to drown out the wind noise generated by skiing fast. At more causal speeds there is a happy medium where I can hear the music as well as everything else. 


With or without music, with my helmet (Smith Variant) if I'm going 30+mph the wind noise probably blocks out most everything else anyway, so I tend to pay attention to my surroundings.

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I used to ski with helmet speakers and had the music low enough to hear my edges and anyone shouting as they passed. Couldn't hear the music while skiing fast.

Could hear conversations on lift. Some music leaked out to people around; was pretty funny being in the Big Sky tram with everyone totally gripping looking at Big Couloir and seeing them look around to see where the music was coming from.
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No technical problems for GF or me w/ Chips (Outdoortech). I've used them now for 100 + days on the slopes for both of us. Best system we've tried thus far.  They are extremely easy to use and with mittens on. No taking off your gloves and fumbling w/ anything. Just tap your ear gently to pause the music and/or talk on the chair or answer the phone. Tap again and the music comes back on. Tap the other side for volume or FF or REW. Bluetooth works great w/ my Iphone, and works great w/ GF's Android.

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I have a Smith helmet, and later added in the Skull Crusher audio drop in. It came with an iphone control dongle thing that allows volume control and pause/play/answer calls with the buttons on it. I can hear my surroundings just fine when at the right volume. 


I haven't had any technical issues, but it does have a fairly cheap cord that connects the system to your phone. If it gets twisted around it can sound kinda funny, but nothing you can't adjust very quickly. I have used it for 2 seasons now without complaint, but who knows how long the cord will last. 

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I roll with skullcandy headphones in my Giro. the setup is awesome!  much better than ear buds, and as others have said its all good so long as you don't crank it up too much

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