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finding a racing boot

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Hey guys,
I'm a U18 Racer in pretty big need of finding a racing boot which fits my foot well. Any suggestions on locations where I can find a boot(online or store) that are having some end of the season discounts and sometimes maybe someone knowledgeable to help me fit my boots?

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Finding a racing boot?????? more like finding someone to fit a racing boot-----where do you live?


what size feet in centimeters?


read through the above article and find out how to do a "shell check" on any boot you might buy and any reputable boot fitter would do the same so, if they don't do that first-----run!!! 


the only way you can do your own "boot fitting" is if you have worked as a boot fitter for years (plural) and become a good boot fitter your self.  If that is the case then go for it.


there is a list of great boot fitters at the top of "Ask the boot guy's under "Who's who in ask the boot guy's, see if anyone is near you.



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