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Bindings for Brahmas

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Hi Guys,

I am an east coast skier and I just ordered the Blizzard Brahmas (173.) I also got the Solomon STH2 13. Was this a good buy or were the bindings a bad choice?




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Also, the skis are 88mm and the bindings are 100mm. That's good right?

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Great bindings and that is the correct brake width.

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I ski on my Brahmas with the same bindings as yours. No issues whatsoever so far. As long as your DIN setting is correct, don't worry.

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They have a solid heel and approximately 3.5mm higher in the heel than the toe which is a reasonably good ramp as well...good choice!

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Originally Posted by bhammer View Post

Great bindings and that is the correct brake width.

Actually, there is a 90mm offering for this heel. Ask the shop who are mounting the skis, to swap it over. That is IF they have one. 

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As long as you got the green ones you will be fine.

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