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Although I just read the book, and have not started the diet - I highly recomend it. Its a fabulous book, and Im sure it will show results. Basiclly, it lets you eat all the food you want, whenever you want, as long as its the right foods. It makes total sense. The book is clear, and he explains everything. The diet is based on a high protein,high fiber, high carb diet (as long as you eat the right carbs). No need to count calories as long as you eat right.

I highly recomend this book, and so does my cousin and aunt for that matter. Its worth every penny, and you wont regret it.
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heres the link to amazon for it

The best part of the book is that it teaches you the right things to eat, and that eating more will speed up your metabolism - instead of low calorie diets that may slow it down. His program is designed to gain muscle and loose fat. Not loosing muscle and fat.

The book also has valuable info on frucrose and why we should eat as little as possible of it.

Great book!
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and if you dont believe me, check out amazon.com user ratings. There were only 2 really bad ratings, and both them are mental. He couldnt find any creatine supplements online? The book explains everything, and it does coveral cholesterol, that bad review didnt read the book.
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