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Dalbello KR2 Pro ID (Intuition Liners) - Size: 27.5


*Excellent condition* - liners were never "cooked", and all the fitting goodies and extra tongues, etc included.


Barely worn - see pics of the soles! The black spots you see on the toe and heel are paint spots from recently mounting new bindings. I bought these at the beginning of the season as a back up for my Lupos, and rarely wore them - 5-6 partial days TOPS. I'm going to give tele another shot, even with a wrecked ankle, so I won't use these at all. These are my long-time favorite boot. I've been using them for almost 10 years now, and won't use any other alpine boots.


Boots were dried on a blower-style boot dryer after each use, so NO funk at all. 












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