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I see a lot written about the Bonafide including comparisons with the Kabookie but only in the same size...what about comparing the 180 Bonafide to the 187 Kabookie?


I ended up getting a really good deal on some 180 Bonafides (185CAD with griffon schizo) but feel they are a bit soft and short in the tip due to the length of the rocker. The tail feels almost perfect which leads me to believe the 187 Bonafide will feel too long/stiff in the tail, but what about the softer Kabookie?


In the same length the Kabookie should be a bit softer than the Bonafide but maybe moving up a length in the Kabookie will give the feel of a longer (possibly more stable) tip while not providing a stiffer tail.


I have not skied the Bonafide in anything resembling powder but based on what I have seen so far I think the tip will still feel a bit short even when fully engaged in 3D snow.


Here is a reference thread about other skis I like/have owned:


I have also been thinking (instead of skiing, as the skiing this season isn't so hot) that it might be nice to have an 88-mm ski (Brahma or Bushwacker) or replace my Avenger 82 with a similar sized ski that is better off-piste and bumps while still good on-piste.


Other skis that I have thought about are Elan's XXX series, mostly the 888 (apex) and 999 (spire) as they seem to be pretty similar although possibly more round flexing, instead of the progressive flex of the Bonafides. Any thoughts on comparative stiffness and general utility of any of those skis with the Blizzards?


I also read that the new Bonafides will have carbon stiffeners in the tip and tail which might well address the current tip softness in the rocker section but I am cheap and skis are expensive in Canada (especially Blizzards) and about to get much more expensive if I reckon correctly, due to our poor dollar.


The first golf course in the area opens tomorrow (record early opening) so I don't have much time to muse about skis before the gear whore in me switches to clubs. I will be in Denver next week though so it might be worth my while to pick something up while I am there.