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Vasaloppet 2015 Nordic Ski Race

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I found a program on DishWorld this morning - Swix Ski Classics, Vasaloppet, 90km. Amazing number of participants, guess it's kinda like the Boston Marathon of the Cross Country world? ( Or maybe the XC world would say the Boston Marathon is the Vasaloppet of marathons? ;-)


This gives some idea of the sheer immensity of the crowd...



There were some problems with the start that Mack Sennett would've been proud of...



Looks pretty fun - anyone ever attend/participate?

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I guess you could say Vasa is Boston Marathon of the Cross Country world, as Vasaloppet is organized "only" since 1922, and I think Boston marathon is going on for a bit longer :) Otherwise it's biggest and most famous marathon race. I have never been there, but did few other from World loppet series (few Marcialonga, two Engadin, Koenig Ludwig and Dolomiten lauf). It was interesting, partly also because at that time, I was able to keep up with leading group and not finishing around 500 or 1000 place, like I would today :) But then again, those days they were a bit less popular between top World cup racers as they are nowadays, mostly, because price money was lower :)

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That's pretty cool - thx for sharing!  Thumbs Up


And I was gonna ask you what loppet means, but...

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There's also a N. American 'Vasa' .
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Thx for that - always good to fill in some more blanks...


As you may know, the North American Vasa is based on the Swedish Vasalopet, and 85-kilometer race attracting 12,000 skiers each year. The Vasaloppet, in turn, was inspired by the example of Gustav Eriksson Vasa, who skied to freedom from Danish invaders in 1518 and rallied the resistance to liberate his country, earning his the Swedish crown.


Four hundred years later, journalist Anders Pers a native of Mora, Sweden, conceived of the idea of a ski race to commemorate King Vasa's journey across the Swedish countryside. That first Vasaloppet was a 90km course from the village of Salen to Mora, on March 19, 1922. Ernst Am, a 22-year-old lumberjack won the race out of a field of 119 skiers. He covered the winding track in 7:32:49, at a time which was a full hour ahead of what race organizers expected for a finishing time. With this race the Vasalopet tradition was officially launched.

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My wife skied in the first Vasa in N. Michigan. And then she KNITTED the poster for a subsequent Vasa. An image from the knitting was turned into a printed poster. Unfortunately, I can't find an image of the knitted poster and it's 1400 miles away.
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Quick high jack,... Kneale, I skied at Hickory and Holiday this past Sunday. smile.gif They had an old pair of Head Standards on the wall at Holiday with 'Ray Sutton' engraved on them. Felt old when I remembered I'd seen these skied on by their owner.

Back to the regularly scheduled thread, but with a quick shout out for Milan Baic who now in the 55-60 age groups still continues to crush the N.A. Vasa results in any class he's entered with times that 20-30 year old would be proud of.
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