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More About Knees..

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Than you ever want to know

Ye Gods, lots of stuff! Check out the symptom checker. There's an injury forum, too.

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Yikes...great site, LM

Here is one that is a graphic (read WARNING, not for weak stomach) explaination of reconstruction surgery....

reconstruction surgery


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Linda! YUCK!!!!!

Anyways, I hoped you were still around to check that out. The forum is strange. Even though the site is pretty much a medical site, nobody who knows anything seems to be answering any questions. I will not go there, I will not go there, I will not go there.....
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Yes, sitting on my hands too....wont go there either, wont go there either,

cant get to the "ask the expert" part of it....

was wondering if I should post that link to that "YUCK" site but didn't want to gross anyone out, but I wished Id seen that before I had mine. (morbid curiosity, I guess.)so i thought people would like to see it.

Anyone veiwing should keep in mind though that all surgery is different, but this is the basic thing, ususally where they take the graft and ways to secure it vary greatly.
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