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Losing feeling in my foot after skiing

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So I'm not having any pains while skiing or even after skiing but if I brush up against the inside of my foot just above the arch, it's completely numb and will typically stay that way for a few weeks after a ski trip. See below picture for location. From what I can gather from researching foot nerves, it's the very tip of the saphenous nerve that I'm losing. I don't notice it 99.9% of the time but it's not something I want to keep doing if at all possible. Only problem is, I can't figure out what's causing it and it's only in my right foot.


A little about my boots and feet... My left foot is wide and has a high instep but not enough to worry about and has no modifications to the shell. My right foot (when standing) is 26.25cm long, 108mm wide, and I have a high instep at 28.5mm. I have some 26.5 Rossignol Evo 100 boots with Intuition power wrap liners with Pinnacle Powerstep insoles (non custom footbeds). I've had the width of the boot stretched to accommodate my freakishly wide foot. I don't crank down my lower buckles very tight unless I know I'll be doing a fast run or a lot of moguls. If I do crank them down, I'll release the buckles on the lift ride back up the mountain. I typically run my upper buckle pretty tight to keep my heel planted (this boot has only 1 upper and 2 lower buckles). Buckling the upper buckle take a lot of effort so I don't release that one very often but probably 3-4 times a day.


Any ideas would be helpful. I only have access to boot fitters when I travel to go skiing and it really sucks spending half a day of my precious ski time sitting in a shop.


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would the numbness happen if you had the boots one BUT where not skiing (at home watching TV?)


want to know if this is a problem when the boots are in use (basic shape) or something to do with your skiing movement



simple guess, is add a more supportive footbed and roll the foot away from the shell a bit..    But I bet there is more to it.

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It's hard to know for sure. I had the boots on for an hour at the house trying to make sure they wouldn't cut circulation before the ski season and didn't notice any problems. Then again, I really didn't notice much of a problem after the first or second full day of skiing but as I break in the liners, the problem seems to come on a little quicker...or the damage is still there and comes back faster. 5-6 weeks later when I took my next ski trip, I could tell the problem was back after the first day even though it felt the numbness had disappeared before taking another trip.


A better footbed will be in order for next year but trying to research additional options as well. In all fairness, this numbness is 100 times better than my feet getting squashed in the shell which causes problems before I even make it back down to the lift. After a day of that, I'll lose feeling in my deep peroneal nerve which runs between the big toe and the adjacent toe for months. So by comparison this numbness is pretty minor but I use that term loosely because any nerve damage is not exactly minor. 

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