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Turning wider skiis

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I have a new pair of 95 waist wide tip rocker tip tail with regular camber underfoot skiis. When I switch from my narrow waist skiis to the wider ones the technique to turn them seems different- not as quick and the radius is larger. What is the proper way to ski the wider waist ski?
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Kriss, once you get comfortable fully tipping a wide waisted ski, you will love it. While it is true that it takes a bit more effort to initially tip a wide ski, that same resistance holds true in reverse in the form of leverage once you pass the apex (middle of tip tip range) of tippage and the ski locks up on its side until you make a definitive move to roll it back over for the next turn.


Another beneficial aspect is that when the ski is fully tipped (and when relevant to certain snow surface densities), your edges ride a clear path over the snow without hindrance from boot and binding toe wing contact with "stiff" snow underneath it. No, I'm not talking about racer "boot-out" on ice (something often incorrectly read between the lines of this point) but that friction that you can feel in "firmer" snow in the apex of the turn when your edge angles are their highest.


As I am sure you are already fully aware, in regards to skiing powder and crud, everything simply becomes easier. It will have you riding higher and faster over softer snow and may cause a bit more flickering of the ski from contact with crud's surface junk so you may find yourself relying a touch more on your quick reflexes.


Just keep in mind that whatever ski your on, the fundamentals of good skiing, stance, weight placement, etc. do not change one iota.  


In regards to "rockered" skis, when did camber profile need to take over for the flex balance in the ski? When manufactures needed that next new feature for sports equipment marketing that almost solely relies on design evolution to do its job Yes, folks, ski manufacturing marketers are the ones who are leading the evolution in ski technique and not the World Cup, USSA, PSIA , PMST or PTSD. Like ... WTF ... right?

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