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I.Supershape Speed Size

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I am looking for advice regarding the best length for the i.supershape speed. I am 29 years old, 6.0 ft tall, 165 lbs (slim but in decent shape). I am a level 7-8 (probably closer to 8) skier, and am looking for a good frontside ski for the northeast hardpack for varied -mostly medium - turns. I definitely like slalom turns but don't want a pure slalom ski anymore. The past few years I've been skiing on Atomic SL 9 (160 cm) and Fischer RC4 Race SL (170 cm) for my hardpack skis. I want to have something with a slightly wider radius now, but not quite in the GS range. I demoed Blizzard 810TI in 181cm, the Nordica Fire arrow 84 pro in 176cm, and the Salomon 24h Max in 170cm. I liked the stability of the Blizzard and Nordica in longer turns, but generally favored how the Salomon turned in both medium and short turns. I also tried a friends Rossi Hero Elite ST-Ti in 170 cm, but that was too close to the atomic and fischer I had.


Based on the above, can you guys give me recommendation on the i.supershape speed (170 vs. 177cm)?




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Welcome to EpicSki.  Are you going to demo the Head?  I think its fairly risky to purchase either length based on recommendations from people who have no idea how you actually ski.  You've already tried four skis and know what you like and don't like about each.  To suddenly throw an untried ski into the mix is not a good idea.

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I'd love to demo them but have not found a place to do that where I commonly ski (sunday river, sugarloaf, cannon). I did demo the 2012 or 2013 supershape speed in 170cm 2 or 3 years ago, but they did not have the 177cm for comparison.

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Personally, I'd pick the Nordica but I'm a huge fan of the Fire Arrow 84 EDT, carves just about any size turn I want and the best edge grip of any ski I've been on. I own the 168 but spent two days skiing the 176 and it was great, but at 5'7" the 168 suits me better.
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I'd go 177cm but you'd probably like the 170 too, this ski is happy with many turn shapes and speeds.  I've skied the Fire Arrow in 184 and it felt VERY big and GSy compared to my 170cm i.Supershape Speeds.  With the shorter 15.5M radius, the 177 Head should feel more turny than the 118M 176 Nordica (more like the Salomons) but I'm only guessing.


At the end of the day you are only talking about 2-3 inches.  Since you already have a couple of short turners, why not try the longer ski?  There really is no right answer, but variety is the spice of life.  The 177cm Head should pop some pretty tight turns but have a bit more top end.



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Originally Posted by mplantaris View Post

I also tried a friends Rossi Hero Elite ST-Ti in 170 cm, but that was too close to the atomic and fischer I had.


Uh, I may be missing something (like other skis you own), but isn't the iSupershape Speed also very close to the skis you have? Performance is more than radius. All carvers aimed at firm smooth snow. 


But: The NE isn't always hardback. We have decent snowmaking, nice crud, lotsa bumps on any of the more demanding runs, and trees, trees, trees. Once in a great while we even get powder. 


Mtcyclist speaks the truth. Before slapping down the plastic on a ski - or brand - you haven't demoed, consider alternatives. 


IMO you were on the right track with skis like the Blizzard. No ski does everything. Try a ski with a radius you like, but wider and a touch softer to handle all the other conditions. You might try Head Titans if you like turns closer to a SL but want more width for everything else. Or the current Head REV 85 is a very nice all mountain ski with a slight affinity toward softer snow and bumps. Great tree ski on typical days when there's a few inches of fresh. The Blizzard Bushwacker is a nice comparison, lighter and livelier, very nice in bumps. And Fischer's Motive 86 Ti is a much admired all around if you like that feel, bit stiffer, more emphasis on grip and crud. All these should be easy to demo. 



My .02. If you also own other rides that cover softer snow and bumps, disregard. :) 

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I would-not consider the iSpeed a GS ski. More a slalom, short turn.
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Originally Posted by DJ61 View Post

I would-not consider the iSpeed a GS ski. More a slalom, short turn.

I think the radius of the i. speed might vary by year and length.  At any rate 15 m is too long for SL and too short for GS.  It is a good general compromise for smaller hills and moderate (lower than GS but exceeding SL) speeds.


Personally for a change of pace from what OP has I would rather the i. rebels i. speed at 180 cm for an 18 m radius.  However it's not about me, it's about the OP, and he doesn't want to stray that far above SL territory, so 177 cm i. surpershape speed it is.   (then again I would avoid anything with any sort of tip rocker, but that's just me)

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I do have a backside ski (mantra) for when its soft or I'm the mood for bumps/glades.  The supershape would replace the SL skis I have (which are pretty old by now and lost their snap). The Fire Arrow did have great stability, some of the best I have seen, agreed. I just want something quicker from edge to edge, but not quite as turny as real SL skis anymore, that's why I remembered that I demoed and liked the supershape speed 2 years ago. At this point I don't want a real GS cheater ski.


Thanks for all your input, this has been hugely helpful! I've been passively reading this forum for quite some while now, feels good to participate more actively.

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If you can wait until next season, Nordica is introducing an 80mm Fire Arrow.  I demoed it at Copper Mountain and didn't care for it, but I was hoping for a ski identical to the FA84 EDT with an 80mm waist.  A friend who also loves the FA84 EDT also demoed it and loved it, said it was quicker and livelier than 84.  I have no idea what the radius is at 176cm.  I know the 76mm and 74mm Fire Arrows are both 15.5m at 176cm.  If you're waiting until next season, Head has a couple of of new skis that might interest you, the Monster 83 and the Supreme Instinct Ti.  I don't know the turn radius at about 176 for either but the radius for the Supreme at 170 is 16.5m and there is a 177 available.

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Originally Posted by DJ61 View Post

I would-not consider the iSpeed a GS ski. More a slalom, short turn.


I don't believe the OP was considering the iSpeed.  He was looking at the iSupershape Speed.  Head needs to change these names!


The i.Speed is an 18M ski in their "race ski" category, more of a "cheater" GS ski, realskiers.com says "had the FIS not begun tinkering with dimensional requirements for GS skis in 2006, this would have been Bode Miller’s or Ted Ligety’s or Hermann Maier’s ski" and they call it a "real deal GS ski" requiring a lot of speed to make it work:




The i.Supershape Speed is a 15.5M ski and is the narrowest in their "performance" category called the i.Supershape collection that includes the Titan, Rally and Speed:




In realskiers "ski of the year" for moguls!




While we at realskiers maintain that what makes a great mogul ski is a great mogul skier, if there's one ski attribute that facilitates snaking through bumps, it's maneuverability. No other non-race ski on the market has the mongoose-quick reflexes of the Head i.Supershape Speed, enabling it to slither through tiny trenches without coming unglued from the snow. It's one thing to survive a long mogul run; it's another thing to make it look easy. The i.Supershape Speed does the trick.

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