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I once found myself above a drop I really thought I could make.  I finally anchored myself to my ice axe, got the skis off, got the crampons back on, got the skis on the pack, and front pointed back up to a more sane line.  It took forever, but I'm still here.


I'm sure I could have pulled it off..........;)

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And people would have said 'he died doing what he loved'.  Which I think is usually a bunch of crap


It's a bunch of crap made up for the peace of mind of the survivors. 


The couple times I had closed calls, my thought was more like "D*n, I screwed up big time!"


That said, there's no denying the "love" that got us into that spot in the first place. A combination of love and bad judgement!

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Died doing what he/she loved. What a bunch of crap.
Do you know that for sure? Do you know what it's like to die?
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