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2016 Super 7's

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First, big shout out to Peak Performance in Killington, for showing how it's done: They mis-mounted my 2015 Super 7's, put Pivots on forward line instead of rear during a particularly crazy week in late January. They suggested remounting. "OK," I think, "Here we come with inevitable argument over whether a remount is enough." I started to get hot.


Only no argument, because, they went on without pausing, that would take care of business for my upcoming  trip out west, and meanwhile they would order a new pair from Rossignol, swap out when I returned. When I showed up after the trip, they informed me that unfortunately there were no more 2015's in the factory, so they had a pair of next season's for me. Which they mounted, meticulously, and prepped, all no charge.


This is how you build costumer loyalty. 


Now to the ski: 


Me: 6', 165 lbs, advanced, technical, do some racing, getting to be an old guy. Etc. 


Manager said they've "tweaked" the ski. Slightly changed colors, same graphics mostly. Same graphic layout, but the orange is now an orange-red that exactly matches the Rossi bindings. There's a tiny transparent decal in front that says "Super 7." Otherwise all similar. Dims are mostly the same (mine are the 188's), although my measurement shows a tiny reduction in front rise, maybe 2 mm. Could be within factory tolerances. Everything else looks the same, sidecut, total length of rise, and so on. Skis still measure about 1.8 cm shorter than stated length. Haven't weighed them but they still feel about same as the 2015 model. Which was 4000 gm.  


Conditions back here are not favorable for 116 mm skis, so I only took one shakedown run on soft groomed. They felt and handled about the same as the 2015 model, although (maybe power of suggestion), they felt just a touch stiffer in front. Which still is not plank-like; these are moderate flex skis. Mainly I was happy they hadn't messed greatly with (for me) a winning design.


Which as of 2015 model, is weirdly easy in trees and tight places (these are 186.2 cm long, remember) using a variety of styles. Mounted on the directional line, they prefer to be driven with some tip pressure. In larger soft bumps, and even at decent speeds in soft open chop or pow (for instance Lenin and Castro chutes at Big Sky), making medium to long radius turns with some checks thrown in is silly easy, and no feeling of instability or folding that can show up with easy peasy skis. Super 7's default turn is a medium/long radius slarve, but they're game for almost anything. They can carve on groomers - slow edge to edge, but the deep sidecut works well once you're on it - although the tip and tail will need attention to keep from catch and release games. Lot of rocker there; not their main game. They are predictable on ice as long as it's moderately smooth. Meaning they skid well, no drama. They can smear, and I especially like how they can pivot and ricochet in irregular bumps (the low mass tips and tails here) such as you find around trees. What I think sets Super 7's apart from their competitors, in fact, is the low swing weight and moderate flex combined with some dampness. If needed, you can throw these around almost like a DPS 112RP, but they are significantly smoother when they hit a rough patch. 


For a while. They'll be begin to complain, however, if that rough patch lasts and you ask them to be a Big Mountain ski. Over 40 mph, death cookies, rubble, or heavy stiff crud want some real edge and an ability to shrug off front bounce. I found this even on skied out blue groomers. Never any feeling of imminent failure, but not pleasant anymore. Slow down 10 mph, all is right again even at flatter angles. I suspect some resonance frequency is reached, because the transition is fairly pronounced. Personally, this is fine because I don't need these to be chargers; they're for exploring powder and chop when/if there is some. Put another way, not a good OSQ. Really a good powder ski when you have a daily driver in the high 80's to high 90's. 


Also these don't seem to be for big guys. I'm a 6' lightweight on the longest model, and wouldn't want any less length, if I were 6'2 and 190, these wouldn't work IMO. I think Rossi expects you guys to migrate to the Squad 7. YMMV. Definitely demo. 


I will post again with any more updates on the 2016's, but we'll need fresh snow. 

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Really good description.  


This pretty much exactly fits my own experience on honeycomb Super 7s over going on two years now.  At ~15 lbs. lighter than you (5'10"), I could have gotten either the 188 or 180; demoed and enjoyed both.


Best snow days here in Colo get the Super 7s, for me.


Got k2 Pettitor 120s for the bombproof charging, death cookies and

uneven hard crust under powder, etc.   But that ski doesn't give such an enjoyable float.  


Interesting to hear the '16 model is mostly unchanged, probably.  

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