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Line Supernatural 92

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Hi All, I am seeing some good deals online for these, looking at the 172, but am hoping for a bit of advice before I pull the trigger.


I am 5'9" 175, advanced/expert east coast skier. Mostly ski bumps and trees, and want stability on groomers and hard pack. I have been on a Nordica Hot Rod Igniter CA (163) for 5 years now and they are lagging behind my ability level. I demoed a pair of Salomon q105's (167) on one of my trips out west this year and was blown away, they took everything I threw at them with no issue, the width of those scare me for east coast ice though. Is the Supernatural a good fit for me?




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Great ski for sure, I don't think the 92 is too much for the east and the terrain you want to ski it in/on. The Gumwall sidewall gives the Supernatural great edge hold without making the ski feel numb. 

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Thanks for the quick response! I am looking to demo a pair this weekend at Loon, but, they are impossible to find for demo (in Lincoln NH at least). I called a couple of shops around there though and they are pushing towards trying the Salomon Q98 or the Atomic Theory instead. Are either of these getting into the, "too wide for the east coast" range? 

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I think whatever width you feel comfy using is fine.  After all it's just a number.  Many east coasters ski that and wider on a daily basis.  You may want a little bit of length if wanting stability on groomers.  But you ski bumps and trees, too.  There will have to be a trade off somewhere. Just my .02.

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90's width isn't too wide for East Coast, but there is a DISTINCT difference between the Supernatural 92 and the Salomon Q98, and it's not because of width.  The Q98 might be too "flimsy" for your size and needs.  I demo'd it at Steamboat (6'2", 185lbs) and it was squirrely for me, not stable, and that was on Westerners version of "hardpack".  You couldn't pay me to ski it here in the East.  The Supernatural, on the other hand, has more heft and hold for east conditions.  It won't slice and dice like my 67mm carvers, but it'll get the job done in the bumps and trees and won't get bounced around nearly as much as the Q98.

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So after a few more calls about demo availability I believe I am going to give the Blizzard Brahma and Bushwacker a go (173 for both). I read alot about comparisons between these two and it seems as though the Bushwacker may be better suited to my preferred terrain of bumps and trees. Though, all the reviews say that the Bushwacker is mostly a soft snow ski, and east cast bumps and trees can often times be anything but soft. The Bushwacker also seems to give up some carveability to the Brahma, but my  top speed per day is only around 35-40 mph, which makes me think that the Bushwacker would be fine for my carving speeds?


The stiffer ski of the Brahma is enticing though if I do want to push it on icier days and be comfortable holding an edge. Could anyone comment on how the Brahma does in bumps and trees? Or, if there is a noticeable difference, at my carving speeds on hardpack/ice, between these two skis?



Thanks again for all the great info.

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good luck and if you end up hating the ski of your choice then I may buy it off you, being the gear whore that i am!
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Check out the blizzard regulator!! Im daily driving the Peacemaker out here in Bozeman. Same exact ski, but the regulator is 94 underfoot as opposed to the peacemakers 104. My peacemakers are the stiffest twin tip I've found. I have no problem carving on ice.
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I have demoed both the Brahmas and the Supernatural 92 and found both to be very good skis for me. Skied 173 and 172 respectively. I am 160#, 5'11"",Level 8-9, @65yo and ski very hard.

I have also skied the Bonafide and the Kabookie and found that the non-metal Kabookie performed much better than the Bone for my weight, etc.,even on ice. However, I have found that the Brahma vs. the Bushwacker does not play out the same way. Unlike the Kabookie, the Bushwacker does not perform like the Brahma.

For the east coast, I would certainly go with the Brahma or Sn 92. BTW I also own the Q98 and love it but would not chose it over the other 2 for the east.

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