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The weirdest Euro lift I rode (at Brevent I think) had you unloading just after you went around the bullwheel, so you got slung off the chair. No big deal if you were expecting it. Getting off the Headwall chair at Squaw is occasionally interesting--6 person that sometimes tosses you off; long, narrow, descending ramp ending at a U turn where people like to stand around; some people getting off do an immediate U turn to get to Garbage Chute; no way everyone can simultaneously unload--either you snowplow without any room or you crash into the hanger's on at the end of the ramp--requires quick thinking so unloading is staggered, but everyone seems to manage, since it's an advanced lift in the best conditions, expert lift all this season when it was open at all. But the worst--this year with low snow there's a steep climb up to the loading area, requiring sidestepping up unless you manage to get through the "slow" fences with enough speed, in which case you run into the people camping out at the top of the ramp waiting for who knows what. Seems like every year more and more people wait at lifts for their friends, or the rapture, or the next Apple device at the "wait here" bar where you can't figure out if they're going to load or not, and if they aren't you can't get around them. 

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Crested Butte scans everyone getting on the lifts at the base area (Silver Queen & Red Lady).  I've seen scanners on the upper lifts (Paradise & East River) only a few times - on the busiest days.

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My wife hated the conveyer at Bridger Bowl. I think it's because she is a total type A control freak and hated giving up control of when she was going to move forward and sit. She kept trying to shuffle forward on the conveyor as me and my son yelled at her to stop. Inevitably she'd be too far forward to sit. Luckily they had regular lifts too.


To the OP, don't recall if they scanned at all. Big Sky did on regular basis.

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RPTW - At big sky the two main lifts leaving the base scanned every run and are very friendly and efficient doing it. Once you are on the hill or off the beaten path I found scanning occasional at best.
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A few years ago at Keystone, DH and DS got separated and DS didn't show up at the lift. DH alerted someone at the lift who was able to put a message on DS`s pass so the next time they scanned him they stopped him and had him wait until DH got to him.
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I had to show my pass two seasons ago. The liftie asked for it last year on a costume day, but I though he was joking so I ignored him.

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Maybe you Europeans are just a lot better than we are,


I missed this yesterday. I must have been skimming through things.


I'm American. I grew up with ski trips to CO (usually to smaller resorts like Wolf Creek and Purgatory). I only moved to Europe and started skiing here 8 years ago, and that was after a 10-year break from the sport. So as a skier, I went from mid-90s CO skiing straight to RFID passes and high-speed 6-pack chairs with conveyors in the loading area and safety bars that people pull down straight away. Yes, it was very different, but it really wasn't that difficult to adapt.


I sometimes find chairs where the gates open a bit too early or the conveyor runs a bit too fast, but it's not that difficult to compensate. I can always pause at the gate, shuffle back on the conveyor, or use my poles to stop from sliding past the loading zone.


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I'm sure you and @CerebralVortex are right about the intention of these things. I just haven't seen that they work as intended. Breck has three six packs. Quicksilver, as I mentioned before, is a beginner lift with no conveyor. It stops no more frequently than the offending Colorado chair, which I've probably never ridden with less than three stops during the ride. The best is the Independence Chair. It is a VERY blue lift with the expected skier experience level. It has no corral, no gates, and is a straight in load away from the turn. It almost never stops. Simpler is best???


From what I've seen in resorts where the lifts are set up right, they do work as intended. The chairs that I see stop the least are the ones where the people have the least involvement in getting themselves into the right place at the right time, all other things being equal.

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