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STH 14 Bindings on JJ's

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I skied the new JJ's at Alta and they prereleased till I finally had the heel at 91/2 and the toe at 7.  I always prereleased out of the heel on wallowed out narrow traverses like Greeley and 20 inches of snow at Alta where I demoed em with Z12 demo bindings.  I liked em so much I bought the old JJ's, I know the new ones have a bit longer turn radius, for my quiver off Ebay for 200 bucks with STH 14 used 10 times..


Question, the tech Scott at Gold Minors Daughter said the demo bindings have less elasticity and while my din is like 6 I must ski hard.  I do but I am 260 55 years old ex patroller at Mammoth.  Will the STH 14's need to be tweaked higher than my 7 1/2 8 din setting on my RTM 84 or Aftershocks Marker griffon system bindings?


 Do long 185, wide 115 skis often need a little higher din setting on an STH 14 ? Is the din setting just a guide where hard skiers often go up?  I do not come out of the griffon system bindings at 7 1/2 or 8 but they are 84-86 underfoot. I have Griffon on my E98 they are fine in the 8 range.  29 shell 260 lbs type 3 skier


Pretty stoked to get the JJ's they ski so easy in alot of snow.  Not the best on groomers but thats not what they are made for.

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Oh ya thanks for the replys great informative site awesome the information on Epic Ski.

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09 JJ's non driver toe it looks like.  Pretty sure the JJ's where unchanged till 015 also?

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My experience is that you can actually go looser on a wider ski.  The width of the ski and the levering action as it goes on edge can make the binding feel as if it is tighter than it actually when it comes to torque.  But seeing as you mention that you felt like you were prereleasing out of the heel, I would suspect that there might have been something in the binding effecting the forward pressure, or the forward pressure might not have been set 100% properly, or the binding might be faulty and it may not have been picked up on release testing (I cannot tell you how many times I have seen bindings go out untested, testing one binding and not the other, or the excessive "assist" methods being used to make a binding pass on an automated machine).  The Marker Jester-based bindings are notorious for being a bit tight and not being as "release friendly" as other bindings, so that might be one reason that you have had success with them in the past.


And you're right, the JJ was basically only graphic changes from year to year (if it ain't broke).

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How long have your bindings been set to 7 1/2-8? I ask because the 6 the shop told you sounds like they corrected the setting for your age of 50+. Our bones and ligaments do get weaker with age (although not all at once at 50) but as an ex-Mammoth patroller I suspect you ski hard enough and steep enough and fall little enough that the bigger risk for you is pre-release. I've been over 50 for a long time and choose to ski at the under 50 year old settings, lately down 1/2 DIN. (I'm sure I don't ski as hard as you).  I suspect that you won't have any trouble with the STH 14's at the setting you're used to. Sounds like something was wrong with the bindings on the demos.

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Thanks Din is usually a 8 81/2 no prerelease

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What's a JJ?
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Armada JJ (2.0) ski.

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Changed for 2015 a powder ski by Armada.  Otherwise same ski running since 06

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I always wondered why it was a "controversial"  ski.  Anyone? 

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Maybe you should provide a link to wherever you read that.
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Originally Posted by warminwisco1 View Post

I always wondered why it was a "controversial"  ski.  Anyone? 

The women's model was controversial because of the name and the early graphics.  Those who were bothered just bought the men's ski since there was no difference except for the name and the graphics.  Other than that, I haven't heard of any controversy.

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