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I have had Zipfits for a few years.  All in all a positive experience.  The material moves around a bit and my left foot is narrower than my right so I have had extra cork injected at Snowbird and Jackson Hole.  I needed some at Vail a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately there are no dealers in Vail.  I e mailed Zipfit but they never got back to me.  Once I got home I came up with an excellent solution.  I purchased a used pair of liners off Ebay, harvested the cork and injected it into my liners.  The used liners were cheap, I should have enough cork for years.  To insert the cork I fashioned an injector using a plastic tube (1/4" ID, 3/8" OD) and a 6" / 1/4" carriage bolt.  The process was a bit messy but it worked perfectly