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Demo diary: 85-89mm all mountain skis

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Perhaps I'm very late to the party...but better late than never.


With Rev85, E88, Kendo and Brahma I finally got a chance to demo this past weekend, plus previously demoed MX88, SR88 and VXL I, I'm getting a keen sense of the skis in this width category. I like almost all of them for different flavors, some more than others, but seriously, one can't go wrong with any of these skis. 


Just touching on Rev85, E88, and Kendo only and skipping the rest I already reviewed:

** Rev85:  Light soft easy ski. A little nervous at spirited carving speed. Unfortunately, the true potential of this ski was masked by a complete lack of tuning--this was a demo ski from a resort rental place--but I can still see how this ski can please general skiing public who like to go halfway wide and are inclined to a more relaxed yet turny ride.

** E88:  The first thing I did when I got this pair was to take them to an in-house repair shop and had them sharpen the edges (lesson learned from the fist demo pair--Rev85). This ski really surprised me in the best way possible. It was like walking into a movie not expecting much and getting blown away by it. What a ski! It felt balanced, in terms of the weight, the flex and the feel on the snow. It actually felt light underfoot. It was lively yet comfortable. I could easily ski on them all day. I was also pleased by how easily they made small tight arcs, saying to myself, "boy I'm really able to work the tips of these skis" only to find out later the TR is like that of a carver. I'm so impressed by this ski that I'm considering buying a pair as my one-ski quiver kind of ski for air travels, etc.

** Kendo:  One impression I got from many reviews out there is that the ski is very stiff....To the contrary, the ski didn't feel prohibitively stiff. Maybe just a tad stiffer than the E88. The ski was not heavy, which helps, yet felt solid. It went like a cheater GS ski only a bit smoother on rough snow and slower tip-to-tip. It has good edge engagement. With its relatively light weight (e.g., compared to the Brahma) and a bit of rocker, it was easy to maneuver it in tight or crowded spaces.  Overall, the feel is very similar to other Volkl race skis I have owned--light yet solid. I dig that killer black austere top-sheet graphics too.

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Brahma opinions?

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I posted a review on it already, but in short, a smear-happy, carve-capable, heavy-weight ski that's quite different from what I'm used too that I'd recommend as an option to someone with much higher dimensions than me.
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Were you able to test the E88 in decent sized and irregular bumps?  I was wondering about the really wide tips and whether they were a distraction in those circumstances.  I demo'd the E84 and it was interesting enough that I want to get on the E88, but the tip width was a little distracting to me in tight spaces.

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I didn't take them to deep hard bumps. Just light-to-medium afternoon bumps. They skied just fine.


I agree the shovels are unshapely wide and the yellow honeycomb tips are distracting. It's not the best looking ski by any measure, but that shape is what make it such a great carver for an all mountain ski. The honeycomb tips really work.


It's a very impressive ski.


PS Were you able to sell those skis? I thought about your RnRs. 

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Yes, RnR's and other skis sold ... got great feedback from all buyers excited about awesome condition of the skis.  Decks are now cleared for new ski additions! 


No question about the carving ability and fun factor on the E84 I tried.  It was just that tip width that I worried about in tight spaces, especially in good size, irregular bumps.  Still want to give the E88 a try, however.  If you get any time in bigger bumps on the E88, would love to hear your impressions.

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