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Product/Review 2014 Rossignol Hero Master 180cm

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Length Tested: 180

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  21m

Camber power turn rocker

Binding: axial 3 (very stiff binding to get into and out of)

Mount point: My mount point is off from center by a few mm and need to move it forward


Other Skis in Class:

Fischer RC Master

Atomic Redster Master D2

Blizzard GS Race Full Suspension


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Wild Mountain

Number of Runs: 2nd day impression

Snow Conditions: hard, to slush

Demo or Own: Own


Tester Info:

Age: 40

Height/Weight: 180

Ski Days/Season: 25+

Years Skiing: since 7

Aggressiveness: Competitor

Current Quiver: Fischer WC Slalom 165, Hero Master 180, K2 712 204's (vintage), Volkl 187 FIS, Burton 175 snowboard, full throttle snowboard

Preferred Terrain: race course, groomers


 Just some background, this year I spent racing mostly on a pair of 187 Volkl WC FIS skis and they are wicked hard on the body.  Actually I spent most of last year on them as well.  I have been getting decent times in nastar but wanted something a little easier to get around the course.


  Good skis make you a better skier, great skis make you a Hero!  Maybe that is what they were thinking when they made these skis and then again maybe not.  Either way they just work.  The tip is a rocker tip at around 90% (my guess I could be wrong).  The base has an arrow where the rocker starts with different p-tex (kind of neat looking).  The tips of the skis are lightened to help with transitional weight.  The ski also comes with a world cup race plate and world cup construction (whatever that means).  They are however not a world cup ski which is very evident when you flex the ski.  Even though these are the masters model I think they flex fairly soft.  I would bet the regular LT would be a little softer.  Also the radius has been bumped up to 21m on the 180cm length.  Ironic though the ski itself is lighter, 4.3kg instead of the 4.8kg weight of the regular LT. 


  The really odd thing about these skis is that they went with a 70m waist.  When I first demoed the ski the transitions felt very heavy but I normally ski on a slalom ski.  The Atomic redster 3.0 felt more at home compared to my slalom ski but not as stable at speed.  After a few days on these the transitions feel more normal.  Also the amount of energy these have is just a blast.  We have a run that has a nice roll on it.  If you timed turns just right and came up in the transition you could fly quite a ways, but who would do that in a course?  Either way I like to ski on something enjoyable, but don't get me wrong these are not all play.  If you get to far back they will chew you up for a snack.  When arching the ski you can feel the energy build up in the turn then release it on the fall line and start another arc.  You have to be forward on them, ski the lines right, its a GS ski and it never lets you feel that its anything different. What it does do well is give you the confidence to angle. 


  What it might not do for some is transition as well as some other skis.  Also of note is that on slower speeds its not going to initialize as easy as others.  Either way I think its a far cry from where I was and going to enjoy it for quite some time.  



  Here is a video of me skiing them:



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The Dynastar WC Premium is the same ski.  For those looking at an alternative which might be less expensive its a great option.



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