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Kastle MX83 and Dawgcatching A+

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Fist time post here at Epicski but I wanted to put my .02 in on the Kastle MX83 and also take time to thank Scott at Dawgcatching in Sun River.

For the past month my little guy (5) and I have been chasing snow around the PNW (Red, Whitewater, Schweitzer) and this weekend we finished our trip at Batchelor and had 2 amazing days putting turns in on the summit chair (first time to Batchelor).

Also in the last month I have been searching hard to find a ski to compliment my 186 Gotamas. (5ft 11, 180lbs, athletic, expert skier). While up in BC I had a chance to demo the Brahamas (enjoyed the ski), Fischer RC (lots of energy in this ski), Experience 88 (ski felt lifeless to me)and a handful of DPS skis (really enjoyed the Cassier 95's). (On piste only for the most part on all of the above demos). All in all I thought I was ready to pull the trigger on the brahamas but I wasn't necessarily hell bent on having the ski right now. Again, I enjoyed the brahama but I didn't get on it and feel like I had been missing out over the last few years. Simply put, it would be a nice compliment.

Enter the Kastle MX83. We rolled into Sun River in Friday afternoon and I remembered that there was a guy on Epicski that always puts out great reviews and had great things to say about the 83 underfoot Kastle. My wife and I walked into the shop not knowing that they carried Kastle's and immediately my eyes went to the back of the store where I saw a line up of skis. As if it wasn't meant to be I started talking to Scott and he reached back and grabbed a pair of 173 MX83's that were ready to be demoed. Knowing full well that I couldn't afford a new set of Kastles I asked Scott about the prospect of purchasing the demo that he had skied for 2 days. Scott sent me on my way and wished me luck. (For $50 I would at least have a chance to give them a go and then see where to go from there.). Even at the price of the demo I told my wife that I didn't think there was anyway I would convince myself that I was going to spend that much coin for a ski but I wanted to try it.

I have never skied a ski with this much energy, that could charge on piste and then immediately tackle the hard crud as well as softening spring snow that was at Batchelor this weekend. On the groomed runs I was able to lay this ski down and sit back the slightest bit and produce a snap from the tail of the ski that would propel me into my very next turn (you can literally get this ski to produce enough energy to lift you off of the snow). At 173 I was concerned about length but in the end I never questioned the stability of the ski (I pushed this GS/SL ski hard, to a point well past where I can push my tip flapping gotamas) and never was I feeling past the limit. Even when charging the still hard snow this morning, skiers left of the summit chair at Batchelor today, I never felt out of sorts. 173 was the absolute right choice for me.

The sweet spot on the ski is huge, in the first run on it, I found my self propelling out of turns and diving into the next with steep angles. When I wanted to back off a touch and slalom behind my 5 year old as he raced down the mountain, the ski felt fantastic. Super quick edge to edge! Even if I were limited to on piste, I would take this ski over the Fischer RC's, which says a lot.

Skis are now in the back of the car and my wife was super supportive :-) I don't think she has ever seen me so excited about a pair of skis. (Next step is finding her a demo set).

Scott put a tune on my gotamas as well as a base weld, all while I had the chance to fall in love with the MX83's. Hats off to Dawgcatching and all of the tremendous customer service they provided. (I probably visited the store 6 times in the last 3 days)

Scott, thank you again for all of your help! You can count on me being back someday to pick up another pair. smile.gif

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Scott has made a lot of folks here happy with their ski purchase! Congrats on the new skis.
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