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Recommendations on Boots?

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Hi All,


We are just back from a week in Tahoe and, in spite of what everyone has read, the snow was excellent (we did get a huge dump while there mind you).  


While on that trip I decided that I need new boots.  I am embarrassed to say that I am skiing on an old pair of Salomon rear entry boots (you have likely seen me and may have even pointed and laughed at them - but damn they are warm and comfy). The reason that I am skiing in them is because, prior to them, I was in a pair of Head boots that were just awful - unbelievably cold, to the point where I had to find something comfortable and warm or I was going to give up the sport altogether.   A neighbor was throwing out the rear entries so I took them and they proved to be warm and comfortable.   Now though, I realize that I will never get beyond my advanced intermediate in them - so time to start looking for new boots.


As you can likely tell, I am not really a gear guy and don't mind buying used equipment if I can find what I am after.  Having said that, I do know that boots should fit properly (but anything will be better than the rear entry Salomons).  Although we are from the east, our skiing is know limited to a week a year in the American south west (Tahoe, Colorado, Taos, Salt Lake CIty, etc).   We prefer mogul runs over groomers but do enjoy skiing just about everything.


While in Tahoe, I had my feet measured and I fall between a 26.5 and 27 with a last of 100ish.  I figure that a flex of 100 would be in the ball park.  


So, armed with that spotty background, could someone suggest a boot that might fit my needs?  As noted, I don't mind picking up an Ebay boot if something meets my requirements (and is price worthy).  If not, I am also prepared to buy new - again depending on price.


                                               Thanks, and any input is appreciated...Tom


PS... on a recommendation of someone on this forum I bought a used pair of Fisher Watea's and absolutely love them - hoping for that same magic in boots this year   ;o)

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Impossible to recommend a boot that will fit since we know nothing at all about your foot.  If you send pictures it will still be close to impossible.  There are some wikis attached to this site that will help.  Recommend you find a good fitter and forget the ebay thing.

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Hi and thanks for the reply.


I had my foot measured in Tahoe and it is 26.5 - 27 with a last of 100.  Since I want a 100 flex, I think that the Salomon X Pro would suit me.


I have no idea about any other makes/models though.



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Tom,  you have given a length and an approximate width, ski boots are all different shapes and volumes, so nobody can recommend something to you without a lot more detail


trying to do this on the cheap on e bay might work but it will most likely cost you as lot more than you think and possibly stop you from enjoying the sport ...you said yourself that you would give up if you couldn't get comfortable warm feet!


the fitters on here can help (with a lot more detail) or the best thing to do is to find a fitter near you and work with them, end of season is coming, there may be some great stuff in the sales, but it is only great if it fits your foot


alternatively red ones are always good ;)

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Just curious---what size were the Salomon rear entry boots"





read through the above article and perform a "shell check" on any boot you might purchase.  That will be hard to do over the internet.


That article is a response to the many inquiries to  us about buying a boot. Our best advice has always been, that you 


find a good "boot fitter" and work with him to resolve any "fit" issues.  This way you have a professional, who knows his way around ski boots


and can reshape the boot shell if needed, instead of you buying a larger boot to allow room for what ever is hurting.



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The Salomon rear entry boots are 355, which is laughable since my feet measured at 26.5 - 27.  If I read the charts properly, a 355 equates to approximately a North American size 13 while the 26.5 is a North American 8.5.


A lot of the problem is that here in Ottawa the sports stores are staffed by kids who really don't qualify as boot fitters (and I blame that situation for the improper fit I have had with virtually all of the boots I have bought in the past).  


Honestly, my history with boot buying couldn't be any worse than just buying red boots (as per one suggestion   ;o)

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You are not alone in trying to ski in boots that are too big---we estimate that about 90% of the folks out there on the hill skiing with you are also in too big a bucket.


The whole situation arises from the fact that, when we buy shoes, we would not buy one that touches our toes---the reason of course is, that if it did touch our toes, it would hurt when we walk


because the shoes get shorter when we "toe off" during walking.



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So 26.5 and 27 are two different size boots.  26.0 and 26.5 are the same size.  Someone needs to determine which you are and that can only happen in a store.


If you can't find good boot fitting in Toronto schedule a ski vacation for Lake Louise.  The skiing here is great now.  I"m located in Calgary.



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The Salomon sizing system for rear entry boots is based on the heel / instep perimeter and does not convert to mondopoint size.  Did your fitter measure your instep hight? That measurement can be the determining factor on weather the 26.5 or 27 is the right shell length.

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