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      Hello guys, first sorry for my english, i will use google translator trying to explain what my problem is. I'm an intermediate skier. I love to ski on piste, hard blue and sometimes red. I'm a skier from about 5-6 years, 10-15 days maybe on year I'm on the snow, and every single day on ski i feel the same pain.

     The pain is on the outside of the forefoot, starts from bellow little toe down to the heel, after 10-15 min my whole footstep starts to hurt. I feel immediate relief when I release the top buckles of my ski boots, in that position i'm on lifts. This happens on both of my legs, exactly the same.

      I'm 26.5 foot size, forefoot width - left 103 -104 mm, right 101-102 mm, narrow heel and thin  calves, I use SALOMON X PRO 100 boots, unfortunately using boot fitting service is not an option for me, because here in Bulgaria we just don't have that kind of service:(. I put 5mm heel lifts on my boots, and use insoles form "Dr. Scholl" with no effect.

     After many readings, tests and measurements of my foots I decide for myself(correct me if I'm wrong, please) that my problem came from my VERY inflexible ankles(on the wall test I get only 6-7 cm drop, I can not squat without my heels lifts from floor, when i sit on a chair with my upper legs parallel to the floor and try to lift my forefoot, the distance between floor and my below little toe area is about 3-3.5 cm and so on). Because of that maybe some rotation happens and my outside forefoot get presured from the boot ?

I'm ready to provide pictures of my foot(if needed) and any information that will help. 

Maybe is very strange to ask for boot fit service online, but as i say this is my only option, so help me guys.

What is the problem and can i fix this for myself and how?

Thank you in advance.