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Head Venturi 95 x Rossignol Smash 7

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I'm an upper intermediate East coast skier (comfortable in blue and most of the one black diamond runs). I already have a pair of carving skis and I'm starting to explore off-piste terrain, basically trees and non-groomed runs. I'm a lightweight guy: 5.5ft and 135 pounds. I found two very good deals to get my first off-piste skis:


- Head Venturi 95 (161cm; 93mm in the waist);

- Rossignol Smash 7 (160cm; 92mm in the waist).


I was thinking about buying the Head Venturi, but it's a "big mountain" ski and I'm afraid it might be too difficult/too tough to me. In the other hand, the Rossignol Smash seems to be almost like a beginner skier and it might soon become not appropriate anymore (too soft to my level).


Any thoughts which one of these two skies would be more appropriate to me? All the advices will be very welcome  :)

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Welcome to EpicSki.  I'm becoming a fan of Head skis again, but I'm not a fan of the Venturi.  It seemed boring.  If you're looking for a mid-90 ski, see if you can demo the Nordica Soul Rider.  97mm underfoot, twin tip, camber, tip rocker and a lot of fun to ski.  When I go to demos(and don't have any of my skis) and I just want to go for a fun ride, I grab a pair of the Soul Riders.  They carve well, are responsive without being demanding and just a very fun ski.  One of the great things about it is that while it isn't a demanding ski, the harder you drive it the more it responds.  One of these is coming to live at my house next year.  The shortest length is 169cm and that is what you want.  Because its a twin tip and has tip rocker, it skis shorter than the stated length.  I'm 5'7", 150 pounds and love the 177.

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Thank you very much mtcyclist! I thought a 169cm ski would be too long for me. But after reading your comment (and some very positive reviews that I just found about the Nordica Soul Rider), I'll consider your suggestion. Here in Quebec there are not many possibilities to demo skis, but I'll try to demo the Nordica Soul Rider and check if I can find a good end of season deal for these skis.

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Originally Posted by mtcyclist View Post

 If you're looking for a mid-90 ski, see if you can demo the Nordica Soul Rider.  


@mtcyclist , By chance have you also tried the Nordica Nrgy (either 90 or 100)?  How does the Nrgy compare to the Soul Rider?

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I have skied both.  They're reasonably lightweight which makes them good for backcountry use.  Lots of people like them, me not so much.  I have the NRGy90 predecessor, the Steadfast and love it.  I would never buy the NRGy90 as a replacement for it.  I've only skied the 90 in pretty firm conditions, so maybe my assessment is unfair.  I skied the 100 in a few inches of fresh snow and was trading off with another guy taking turns with the new Nordica Enforcer and the NRGy100.  He owns the NRGy100 and didn't even want to try the Enforcer since its also 100mm underfoot.  After two runs, he's now planning to buy the Enforcer but I think he plans to keep the NRGy100 too.:dunno  The Soul Rider is different than the NRGy90 and 100, certainly heavier than the 90 and maybe heavier than the 100.  I think its a bit more damp, carves better, is more forgiving and, more importantly for me, just more fun.  Good rebound, responds well to being driven hard and the twin tip is a real plus for me because I ski trees a lot and sometimes you have to back up.  But I do really miss the evil clown graphics from about 3 years ago.:D


I've found that tastes in skis are very personal.  Lots of people on here seriously disliked the Steadfast.  The Blizzard Bushwacker was incredibly popular here and I liked it the first time I tried it, but the second time I couldn't figure out why I ever liked it.  Line Prophet 90 was pretty popular but I thought it felt like a 2x4.

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